The Gift of Friendship: 6 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationships

The definition of ‘friendship’ is a connected personal relationship where each is concerned for the welfare of the other. In addition, God’s command is ‘love one another’. Everyone needs friends. And the best way to have a multitude of friends is to be one. Strengthen your relationships with these six quick tips.

How to Cope with Holiday Tension: 6 Tips to Defeat Stress & Keep Your Peace

It may seem like everyone wants more than you can possibly deliver, expects more than you can possibly do, and hopes you will be their source of peace, joy and fulfillment. It really is just too much …

Conflict Resolution: 6 Steps from Stress to Solution

Does it often seem like conflict, disagreement and relationship issues are major interruptions to your peace of mind? Do unresolved anger and unforgiveness steal your joy? Isn’t it time to make changes in how you handle conflict resolution and relationship issues? Then read on …

3 Keys to Living a Full Life of Love, Joy and Peace

Do joy and love overflow in your life? Are you FULL of peace and goodness? Would you like to have more of them?

How to Cope with Everyday Stress: Practice HUGS

How’s your day going? Somehow, even the best days have moments … So, what should you do while you are in the middle of the mess? Here are my favorite ways to cope with the stresses of life.

Friday’s QuickTip Solution: Honor Your Mother

So many of us no long have the moms, grandmas, aunts and almost-moms who raised us and shared their wisdom.

So, if you are blessed to still have them with you, take time this weekend to show them your love and appreciation.

Planned Parenthood – God Chose YOU!

God accepted the role of Parent before you were ever born. He ‘planned’ for you and has a good plan for your life. You’re His favorite child!