Looking unto Jesus: Our Hope, Power & Victory

Love paid a price so hope could become a reality. ~ Susan Gaddis The resurrection of Jesus is both the end … and the beginning of our Christian faith. Jesus’ death ended the Old Covenant with all its rules, symbolized by the veil in the temple being rent in two (Mark 15:38). His death ratified […]

The Key to Exceeding Joy – Become Exceedingly Grateful!

When was the last time you were exceedingly joyful? You know, over the top, filled with so much joy that you could hardly contain it? Did you notice joy’s companion …

Peace in Believing: The Simple Art of Faith

For many, believing is difficult. You struggle to believe that what you want is possible, that it’s do-able. That you are capable of achieving it. That you are worthy of having it. You need peace in believing …

A Time to Begin Again

If it looks like the end, it’s the beginning. God has given us the gift of seasons so we would always be reminded to have hope.

How to Have Strong Faith, Pt. I – 3 Keys to Understanding Faith’s Power

Remember when you were a kid, and you wanted something so badly you couldn’t keep from thinking about it? You’d dream and plan and hope, filled with anticipation and yearning. Your faith works the same way now as it did then.

Seashells & Sand Dollars: Inspiration from the Beach – How to Face Adversity and Offer Hope

I just spent a week at the seashore, watching waves pound the beach, dragging sand away from its quiet place on the shore and into the bigger ocean. Yet the ocean, like life, gives back, even as it takes, scattering seashells along the shore: perfect ones, broken ones – just like our lives. It’s inspiration from the beach … and three simple keys to help you overcome adversities and offer hope.