Dealing with Distraction: 8 Tips to Stay Strong in Faith

What changes your focus, changes your faith. What changes your faith, changes the outcome. ~ Jesse Duplantis If you have been a Christian for very long, you know that faith is the key to receiving the Blessing of God. Whether you need healing, financial increase, peace, joy or patience, it’s all available in The Blessing […]

Emotional Upset: We’re All In This Together

How easy it is to succumb to emotion, to surrender to the feelings that overwhelm and threaten us. How hard it is to give up our selfishness and move forward into peace and victory.

7 Simple Solutions for a Simple Life

The word ‘simple’ means “humble, uncomplicated, or fundamental”. Interestingly, ‘simple’ also refers to an herbal medicinal treatment. So if you want to ‘dose’ your stress away and uncomplicate your existence, consider these solutions for a simple life.

Find Simplicity in the Midst of Challenges

Simple doesn’t mean lacking. It ‘simply’ means (no pun intended) letting go of those things – mental, physical and emotional – that do not contribute positively to your life. Simple can be synonymous with a quality-enhanced lifestyle.

Faith is Your Limit-switch – Turn It Up! Part IV

Everything on earth is temporary. You can take a pro-active approach to change and growth by implementing these key steps.

Faith is Your Limit-switch – Turn It Up! Part II

Are you allowing the ‘world’ to dictate your beliefs? Like lemmings, we follow bad news in the media, repeating their predictions as if they are true for us. And they become …

Finding Your Authentic Self – Key #1: Acknowledge the Greater One in You

You are so much more than you think you are. But you can only become what you are willing to believe is possible. That requires a change of faith. You must choose …

Change Yourself – Change Your Life

To change your life, you must change yourself. It doesn’t work any other way.

Affirmations – Why they Work

Everything you say is some kind of affirmation – either positive or negative. You may not like where you are right now. You may not think you deserve all the hassles, stress and problems. And you are right. But you are the only one who can change your life … with affirmations.

Simple Solutions: Just Say NO

Say NO to at least one thing you are still doing … Then use the new ‘time’ to …