Create the Life You Want: 5 Keys Areas That Require Self-Control

You have power over your mind—not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength. ~ Marcus Aurelius Have you noticed, almost everything in life provides you with a choice. Some of them are easy: coffee or tea, chicken or steak, go or don’t go. Then there are slightly harder choices. You can be neat […]

Successful Living: Five Keys Areas That Require Self-Control

Almost everything in life provides us with choices. At the time, it doesn’t seem to matter if we choose poorly. Often, we don’t even recognize it as a choice. We just ‘feel like’ doing it … so we do! Here’s the problem…

Self-Discipline, Your Key to Success

If we want something, no matter what that ‘something’ is, there is a way to get it. So how do we find our best pathway to success? Read on …

You Can Do It! – Three Keys to Victory

“Whenever you make a mistake or get knocked down by life, don’t look back at it too long. Mistakes are life’s way of teaching you. Shake off your blunders. How will you know your limits without an occasional failure? Never quit. Your turn will come.” Og Mandino You can do it! I don’t know if you […]