How to Choose Peace: Are You Making Wise Choices?

If you want more peace in your life, recognize that it is a choice you make, not something that happens to you. If your life is filled with turmoil, worry and tension, you have chosen to give those thoughts and emotions control. Let me explain …

Seek Ye First …The Key to Blessing and Abundance

If you are troubled or unsure, learn to seek God first. God always has a better plan than your mind can conceive. As you spend quality time with Him, you will find that ‘all these things’ – every answer you need – will be added unto you.

The Key to a Good Life – Forget Resolutions; Remember (and Multiply) Your Blessings!

I’d like to invite you to adopt a different attitude as you face a new year and a new season. Let’s look at what you already have, what you have already accomplished; the blessings that already exist. How can you multiply the good things in your life?

Find Peace for Your Life: Become a Peacemaker

Today’s article is another reminder for me – and hopefully for you as well – to stay on the peaceful side of life! Here are five Attitude Adjusters to help you cope with people who do their best to steal your peace.

Emotional Upset: We’re All In This Together

How easy it is to succumb to emotion, to surrender to the feelings that overwhelm and threaten us. How hard it is to give up our selfishness and move forward into peace and victory.

How to Stay Happy, Pt. III – Friday’s QuickTip for Success

To stay happy mainly requires a change of attitude. You have to decide what matters most. Even the most challenging circumstances …

How to Stay Happy, Part II

I get a lot of lessons from my garden, and this week’s posts are no exception. As we continue our ‘Five Steps’ series, we’re looking at #4 “”How to Stay Happy”. Despite life’s challenges, you can choose to remain positive.

How to Stay Happy, Part I: Count Your Blessings

We have raspberry bushes in the yard. Prickly things, the canes will gladly tear your skin and whip your hand. But … ooh, the raspberries! Those bushes teach a valuable life lesson …

Friday’s QuickTip: Coping with Stress – Turn it Around

Whatever is stressing you, find a way to think about it differently. Turn it around.

Friday’s QuickTip 4 Success – Become an Attitude Expert

Life is not what happens to you, it’s what you make it. Practice becoming an Attitude Expert.