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Your Spirit-Body Connection


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Even if you feel as though you have tried every diet known to man, it is possible to overcome the battle with obesity and enjoy an active, healthy and happy lifestyle. Your Spirit-Body Connection shows you step by step how to tap divine wisdom for health, longevity and weight control.
Whenever something is broken, we turn to the Owner’s Manual to find a fix. What is it that’s needed to fix the problem? What is needed to make the item that’s broken work the way it was intended?

Our bodies are no different from our car, washing machine or anything else. Our bodies were designed by God and imprinted with His signature. He also gave of an Owner’s Manual-the Bible. We cannot fix the problem if we do not understand how our bodies were designed to function.
Who is this Book for?

It’s for everyone who doesn’t want to be the victim of being overweight any longer. It’s for those people who do not want to continue looking at the same body in the mirror each morning and who do not want to give up on life because of the consequences of poor health.
What I want to give you is the knowledge and information that can help you to understand what is needed to overcome the weight challenge. Any arsenal for good health has to include – indeed has to start with – a spiritual understanding and focus. Your Spirit-Body Connection provides you with the knowledge and support you need to move on with your life and achieve divine health.
Remember: You are God’s crowning glory – His favorite child. It is His fervent desire to see you succeed in every area of your life.
Losing weight and getting healthy is not easy. It requires commitment, time, patience and belief. By following the action steps in Your Spirit-Body Connection, you can lose not only the weight, but other things as well, including the pain that has been holding you back from living the divine life He wants you to have.




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