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Communication Factor

Communication Factor


If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to conquer communication and make yourself better understood, let us assure that it is most definitely possible!

In fact, many people spend much of their lives searching for a better way to make themselves understood, to better communicate with friends, family and colleagues. Oftentimes, we have an almost innate fear of communication, especially when it comes to speaking in public. Not surprisingly, most people are completely shocked at how easy it really is to improve communication with others and create more meaningful relationships once all of the negativity that stands in the way is eliminated and they begin using simple concepts for communication that we are about to introduce to you.

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Product Description

Anyone can be a Good Communicator!

While it might seem as though some people are simply born with the golden touch, that incredible ability to communicate effortlessly; the truth of the matter is that communication is a skill that can be learned. Like any other skill; however, we must practice it and hone it to reap the maximum benefits from it.

We all recognize the incredible importance of communication. It is what drives the world. No matter where you might find yourself in life, it is widely recognized that society as a whole places a greater value on people who can communicate well. Students who communicate well do better in school. In the workplace, those that are able to communicate well tend to receive more promotions and better pay. When you know how to use words effectively, you are able to inspire and lead others and even reach for that coveted brass ring in life.

A simple but powerful fact of life is that one of the keys to establishing and maintaining great relationships in every aspect of our lives is the ability to communicate well with others.

Whether you have a family member or a friend that just simply does not seem to listen to you or whether you have a situation at work that could be resolved with better communication skills, we have the solution to your communication problems.

It’s called Communication Factors.

This is a powerful and insightful new communication guide that is guaranteed to provide you with the secrets to effective communication. Learn how to dramatically improve your communication skills so that you can eliminate the drama, conflict and frustration in every area of your life to enjoy improved relationships, joy and peace. With the information in Communication Factors, you will discover:

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  • The Power of Communication. Learn how your words affect your health, wealth and happiness.
  • Informal vs. Formal Communication. Find out why society places a higher value on people who communicate well, and how to become one of those people.
  • Body Language. What you do speaks more strongly that what you say. Learn the skills to send the right message to your listeners. • Using Words as Tools. Learn the basic rules to make your words more effective.
  • The Written Word. Success is based on being able to communicate your vision, knowledge and benefits to others. Master the skills you need.
  • Public Speaking. We are all public speakers-in church, groups, business meetings and cocktail parties. Learn and practice how to effectively present your ideas.
  • The Art of Conversation. How to accomplish your goals and make others value your presence. Cope with nervousness.
  • The Salt Factor. A little-known secret for getting what you want-easily and effortlessly. • Conflict Resolution. Ten guidelines for resolving difficult situations at work, at home, and elsewhere.
  • Sales Skills. No matter who you are or what you do, you are in the business of sales.
  • Inner Communication. What you say to yourself is more important than any other words you speak. Your self-thought and self-talk create your destiny.
  • Learn to Exercise your Word Power, appropriately and effectively to accomplish your goals.


Learn how to accomplish your goals, create your own destiny and resolve difficult situations by effectively communicating your vision.

This book will provide the secrets you MUST know if you want to improve communication in all of your relationships and establish a more successful life.




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