Find Peace for Your Life: Become a Peacemaker

Today’s article is another reminder for me – and hopefully for you as well – to stay on the peaceful side of life! Here are five Attitude Adjusters to help you cope with people who do their best to steal your peace.

Seashells & Sand Dollars: Inspiration from the Beach – How to Face Adversity and Offer Hope

I just spent a week at the seashore, watching waves pound the beach, dragging sand away from its quiet place on the shore and into the bigger ocean. Yet the ocean, like life, gives back, even as it takes, scattering seashells along the shore: perfect ones, broken ones – just like our lives. It’s inspiration from the beach … and three simple keys to help you overcome adversities and offer hope.

Don’t Forget to Remember – 5 Keys to Help You Stay Focused on Your Goals

What you do today reinforces your tomorrow. Wishful thinking won’t get you anywhere. Neither will excuses. Here are five keys to help you reach your desired end.

Having A Full-Up Day

As you make consistent choices and govern your emotions, you’ll find a life of fullness and blessing.

Discover Your Destiny: Three Steps to Unlock Your Divine Power

You have a destiny. A divine, blessing-filled pathway awaits your acceptance. All it requires from you is a decision. But …

Are you ready to change your reality?

If you’ll begin practicing faith, you’ll be surprised by the changes in your life.

Reality vs. Truth, Pt. II – 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Reality is subjective, governed by your thoughts, feelings and experiences. Truth is eternal. No amount of denial or defiance can change immutable Laws of Divine Truth. Or can it? …

7 Keys to Overcome Your Emotions

Seven simple (I did not say easy!) keys to staying in faith and receiving the promises and peace of God. Might I suggest that you write them down and keep them close. That way, when you are faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem or an overpowering emotional crisis, you can refocus your thinking and rest in the peace and promises of God.

Emotional Upset: We’re All In This Together

How easy it is to succumb to emotion, to surrender to the feelings that overwhelm and threaten us. How hard it is to give up our selfishness and move forward into peace and victory.

Learning to Live a Simple Life, Pt. III

On our list of ways to live a simple life, your attitudes and habits about money are perhaps the most challenging to change. You will need to …