Need Answers? Open the Pipeline of Blessing

The wisdom, peace, prosperity and blessing you seek is actually inside you. All of it is part of your spirit-being, which is directly connected to Divine Wisdom, God.

7 Keys to Overcome Your Emotions

Seven simple (I did not say easy!) keys to staying in faith and receiving the promises and peace of God. Might I suggest that you write them down and keep them close. That way, when you are faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem or an overpowering emotional crisis, you can refocus your thinking and rest in the peace and promises of God.

Emotional Upset: We’re All In This Together

How easy it is to succumb to emotion, to surrender to the feelings that overwhelm and threaten us. How hard it is to give up our selfishness and move forward into peace and victory.

Learning to Live a Simple Life, Pt. III

On our list of ways to live a simple life, your attitudes and habits about money are perhaps the most challenging to change. You will need to …

Learning to Live a Simple Life, Pt. II

If you truly seek to live a simple life, you will have to face the truth about your current lifestyle. You will have to answer some tough questions. Then you will have to be motivated to make changes consistent with your new ‘truths’. Are you ready?

Learning to Live a Simple Life, Pt. 1

What does ‘simplicity mean’ to you? The dictionary defines it as ‘freedom from complexity, or the absence of luxury, pretentiousness or ornament’.To live a simple life means getting rid of whatever does not give you value. The next question becomes …

Want a Simple Life – Simplify Your Schedule!

What are you doing that does not serve your highest good or your life goals and intentions? So much of what we do is just busy-ness. Our activities fill (kill) time, they don’t enhance it.

7 Simple Solutions for a Simple Life

The word ‘simple’ means “humble, uncomplicated, or fundamental”. Interestingly, ‘simple’ also refers to an herbal medicinal treatment. So if you want to ‘dose’ your stress away and uncomplicate your existence, consider these solutions for a simple life.

Find Simplicity in the Midst of Challenges

Simple doesn’t mean lacking. It ‘simply’ means (no pun intended) letting go of those things – mental, physical and emotional – that do not contribute positively to your life. Simple can be synonymous with a quality-enhanced lifestyle.

Communication QuickTip for Success: Watch Your Words

Communication is what you do and say all the time to everyone, yourself included. What do you hear when you speak? What ‘message’ are you giving other people?