God’s Promise of Healing is for You Now

If you’re going to live in divine health, there are going to be times when you’ll have to be downright extreme about the Word of God. ~ Kenneth Copeland

Several things happened in the past few months that threw me into The Word intensely, searching for spiritual strength and power to defeat the physical attacks of the enemy.

  • Extreme pain in my hip and back, challenged and defeated in March, tried to reassert itself
  • Two dear family members suddenly battling cancer
  • The young grandson of a friend diagnosed with a chronic disease
  • A family member and a friend battling Alzheimer’s

If you have little training in the Word and the ways of God, you may not know or trust His promises of healing and health, but I can assure you they are there … and they are powerful. God wants you healed and whole and well.

Understand clearly that sickness, disease, lack, pain or any other ‘evil’ is Satan’s ploy, not God’s. God does not give you hardships and diseases ‘to teach you something’ or ‘to humble you’. That’s another lie from the devil. Jesus clearly stated that Satan is the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came so that you would have an abundant life (John 10:10).

When the God of All, who created all things with His own spoken words, makes a promise, you can be sure it is true. Whatever He speaks has to be truth because whatever He says comes to pass! “Let there be light,” and it was. “Let us make man …” – and here we are! If you think it’s Wednesday, and He says it’s Tuesday – who do you think wins? If He says, “I will restore health unto thee,” (Jer. 30:17), well, health and healing are yours!

So, why aren’t we all completely well? Because we don’t know enough about God and His Word to access those promises and their power.  And because we haven’t taken the authority God delegated to us here on earth. Divine healing is available to you. Whether you need healed today or sometime in the future, you can be ready to claim your rights as God’s child. Let me explain.

First of all, you can’t have faith in something if you don’t know it’s available to you. Think about the battle Edison and Tesla had to convince the world about the benefits of electricity. Or the mindset that the world was flat … or that man can’t fly. Similarly, you can’t believe for spiritually-powered healing if you don’t even know it’s possible.

God’s Word is clear. Literally dozens of verses proclaim “I am the LORD that healeth thee” and “Jesus healed them all.” His promises include words like “made me free”, “all things are possible”, and “there has not failed one word of all His good promise”. Deuteronomy declares that every sickness and disease is under the curse; Galatians proclaims us “redeemed from the curse”!

The first step, then, is to find out what God has to say about healing and health. Dig into The Word with a Concordance or Reference Bible. Find the verses that pertain to health, and write them out or create a word doc. (I have a scripture list on my tablet, laptop and iPhone.) Don’t put this off as a ‘someday’ project. Research His promises for yourself – as if you very life depends on it!

Next, meditate on those promises. Roll them over and over in your mind. Speak them out loud. If you need healing now, read them aloud to yourself several times a day, like medicine. Your pill bottle says ‘take 4 times daily’. Do the same with The Word.

If you don’t need healing at this particular time, meditate on His promises as a preventive measure. Romans 10:17 says, ‘faith comes by hearing’. The more you hear the Word, the stronger your faith becomes. It doesn’t say “maybe faith comes.” No, it says faith comes! The more you hear, the stronger your faith. Then, when you need to take a stand of faith, you’ll be ready – but only if you’ve prepared.

Meditation (thinking about something over and over) brings revelation. As you think on His Word, ideas will spark in your mind – a new way of considering that verse or concept that you hadn’t thought about before, or perhaps a related thought that adds understanding. It’s an ‘aha’ moment.

That revelation is God’s Word personalized for you, by Him. Perhaps no one else ‘gets it’, but – for you – God has shown you the inner workings of His kingdom. It brings depth and understanding that you didn’t have before. It adds power to your prayers and confession.

The third step toward healing is prayer. Now that you are armed with His promises, you can pray His Word. For example, “Father, Your Word says that by Jesus’ stripes I was healed. If I was, I am now. I am redeemed from the curse! In the Name of Jesus, I claim my healing now and receive it based on Your Word. Thank You that I am healed and whole and well.”

That prayer has three essential components. First, it tells God what promise you have chosen to stand on. Isaiah 55:11 says clearly that His Word ‘does not return void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it’. Speaking His Word back to Him empowers heaven to bring that Word to pass in your life. Since He gave us His Word as our resource, you can believe that what He said is what He wants to accomplish and prosper in your life. Acts 10:34 assures you that God is no respecter of persons; in other words, if He did it for one, He’ll do it for anyone, including you. But you have to believe that and apply it in your own life.

Which brings us to the second component: claim your healing (deliverance, prosperity – whatever you are praying for). God delegated the power over this earth and everything in it to His family – you and me. In Genesis, he told Adam to ‘have dominion’. When Jesus left, He delegated His power to us as believers (Matt. 28:18-19). And Ephesians 3:20 says that ‘the power works in (or through) us’.

Claiming His promises as if they are true for you is faith. Faith says, “God, You said it so I believe it – whether I like it, understand it, or can see it.” Faith steps out beyond the physical senses and claims His promises as true, resisting every temptation to cry or complain about a current ailment. God says to ‘call those things that be not (I’m healed) as though they were (past tense, already accomplished).

Here’s the principle behind that. If He said it, it is true because God’s Word is Truth. It may not be your present reality, but it can be … if you hold onto the promise of The Word by faith. Hebrews and James both explain that our profession (to profess is to claim as true) must be made in faith, without wavering. When you waver (giving in to the symptoms or the urge to complain), you drain the power from your faith.

The third component of that prayer is gratitude. If you claimed it, then you have it – so you can be grateful for it! Gratitude is powerful. Being grateful for the manifestation before it actually happens is a demonstration of strong faith – and you know that faith needs ‘works’ to be effective. Gratitude is a part of that work.

One of the most powerful scriptures in the Bible – as a practical demonstration of faith – is Mark 11:24. Therefore I say unto you, Whatever things you ask, when ye pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them. Faith claims the promise ahead of time, trusting that it will happen exactly as God said.

Time comes into play because it (whatever you prayed for) needs to transfer from heaven’s provision to earth’s reality. The stronger your faith and patience, the sooner that happens. Faith grows from exposure to The Word (The Word being water and fertilizer for your seed-faith which was planted in your heart/spirit). More Word – more faith – more manifestation! It’s that simple.

The last step needed is a combination of continued meditation and gratitude (faith) and movement (works). Do what you couldn’t do. If you believe you are healed, don’t lay in bed. Don’t give in to the symptoms any more than necessary.

As a practical application, here’s how my weekend played out last week. We drove home from GA and my left hip was aching a lot. By the time we got home, I could barely move. I’d battled this some months ago – excruciating pain, can’t sit or stand – with success, so I was surprised when it attacked again.

Saturday morning, after crawling from bathroom to bed because I couldn’t get up off the toilet, my husband said he was taking me to the emergency room. I gritted my teeth and told him to bring me my laptop. I listened to several teachings on healing (kcm.org is a good place to start), read aloud my list of healing scriptures at least a dozen times, and stayed focused in The Word the entire day. Did I want to? No – I’d much rather watch HGTV or old movies, read or play solitaire.

By Sunday morning, the pain level was bearable and I was moving better. I asked myself, “What would a healed person do?” I’d probably clean up the house a bit and do the dishes. So I did. By Monday morning, the ache was almost gone and I went to work. By Tuesday, there was no sensation of pain, no limitation of movement.

Does it always work that fast? No. But I do know enough about God and His Word to know it always works, so I can trust His timing. The battle is not with God, the battle is breaking through Satan’s barriers and our own mental arguments – those thoughts that run around inside your head. Second Corinthians 10:5 says to ‘cast down imaginations’ – all those thoughts that are contrary to God’s promises. Why? Because they short-circuit your faith.

God promised you healing and health. It’s a part of your legacy that Jesus paid for you to have. He always healed anyone who asked Him. There was never a disease or situation that He couldn’t or wouldn’t heal. So the next time you need healing, go ahead, take a pill – but get in The Word and claim your rights as a child of God. Don’t give the devil a head start. Stay in faith and stay healed!



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