How to Deal with Difficult Questions

Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid. ~Frederick Buechner

How do you deal with difficult questions? You know. The frustrating ones. The life-changing ones. The ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ ones. The ‘why is this happening to me?’ ones. No matter how blessed your life is, I know you’ve been faced with them and how to explain them to yourself in some semblance of understanding and acceptance. And how to know what to do next.

When life is easy, you tend to forget that the next challenge is just around the corner. You need to remember that as long as there is life in your body, you will be pushed by God, the devil and the universe to grow, expand your understanding and find ways to move forward despite the circumstances.

What you also forget is that you have more influence over your universe than you recognize. God has given you the keys to the kingdom (Matt. 16:19) and He wants you, expects you, to take those keys and change lives – yours and others – for the better. No matter what the challenge, there is a process to victory and abundance. What you need is clarity with a Christian perspective. Here are the keys to help you deal with the difficult questions and circumstances of your life.

Thy Word is Truth. Can you imagine God making a statement [pause] then following with, “I didn’t mean it; I was just kidding.” No. He is God, The Most High. Everything He says happens because He IS Creator. Therefore, you must learn to trust His Word above all else. Your human reasoning is subjective and weak. You can be swayed by the world’s opinions and your (usually selfish) desires. When a question arises, His Word must be the final Authority – whether you like it or not, even whether you believe it or not. If you’re not sure you can believe, …

Get Wisdom, get understanding. God has something to say about every possible question or difficult situation in our lives. But it takes some digging. God is not just a Sunday God. He wants you to spend time with Him every day, learning His ways, practicing His wisdom, becoming proficient Christians. Paul said the Hebrews needed milk not meat because they had ceased making God first place in their lives. They had forgotten the basic precepts of His wisdom. Wisdom, understanding (revelation) and faith require time, study and meditation in His Word.

Don’t trust the enemy. Satan is a liar. The Bible calls him the ‘Father of Lies’ and says that he comes to steal, kill and destroy. If you are being threatened with loss, death or destruction of any kind, it’s the devil. And he’s lying to you! He wants you to be in fear, doubt, confusion and ‘every evil work’. Don’t listen to his lies. Fear is a corruption of faith. It is belief in something’s power to harm you in some way. Don’t believe it! Instead …

Believe God. You have the Word. You have studied to get His wisdom for whatever you need. Now, you have to believe it. Step out in faith, trusting God above all else. Often, it mean’s hanging onto His Word with gritted teeth and refusing to allow the circumstances to decree your mental and emotional response. When Jairus was told his daughter was dead (after he had come to Jesus for help), Jesus told him, ‘fear not, believe only’. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. Trust the Supreme Being of all creation. If God is for you, who can be against you? (Deut. 20:4, Joshua 10:25, Ps. 18:39, Rom. 8:31)

Talk back! When the promises in God’s Word become powerful enough in your heart and mind that you truly believe them (revelation), it’s time to ‘speak to the mountain’ – the problem or situation that has dared to challenge you. God’s creative power is in His Word. Read Genesis 1 and note how many times He ‘said’. Nothing happened until God spoke. He gave you that same power to speak His Word and expect results. You were created in His image! And Jesus is ‘The Word’, the power of God to create and change. He is anointed to bring your words to pass, if they align with God’s Word.

Here’s one last key. No matter what you face, remind yourself that it’s temporary. You will persevere. Your life will change. Even death is simply the beginning of Life.

Remember, also, that you have been given the tools to change your circumstances with these five steps. God wants you victorious. He has declared that you are more than a conqueror. Will it take effort? Most assuredly. Will it work? Absolutely. But only if you make the decision to not quit, not give up, not surrender to the challenge.

If you’ve got a problem that’s been plaguing you, please – stop it now. Do whatever it takes to renew your mind (Rom. 12:2) It is possible, but it does take effort – sometimes a LOT of effort. The devil is not going to exit your life without a fight, especially if he’s created a nice nest for himself. But it is do-able. Get to it!

When Life hands you a difficult question – “Why me, Lord? Why now? Why this?”, change your questions into Truth and be set free.



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