How to Create Your Destiny: 6 Steps from Dream to Reality

Your destiny is not an end to be reached; it is a journey to be lived.  ~ Orison Swett Marden

Do you dream?  Think about and imagine the life you want? Do you understand that dreams are the stuff your reality is made of?  Faith is the evidence of things not seen (Heb. 1:11). God gave you the ability to imagine and believe. Imagination is the beginning of the life you want.

Of course, those dreams don’t have to be world-changing. You might just dream of having a clean closet or garage. You might dream of landscaping your yard or going back to school. God isn’t going to give you a dream (and a plan) that could change the world until you have proven your commitment on smaller projects.

He wants to give you the desires of your heart (Ps. 37:4). If you have a dream inside you – a dream that blesses both you and others – it is God-given. That means He also gave you the ability to make that dream a reality.  Verse 5 says that if you commit your ways unto the Lord, He will bring it to pass. You can learn, do or become whatever you need so that you can have whatever you truly desire. Your commitment partnered with faith creates your destiny!

There is, however, a progression – a series of steps – that control your outcome.

  1. Think. Everything is governed by thoughts, images you see inside your head. An architect ‘sees’ the building in his mind before it ever becomes a blueprint. He literally thinks it into existence. Beethoven ‘heard’ the music long before it ever was written on paper.  You can ‘see’ your house cleaned or a project completed, just the way you want it. Everything starts with thought.
  2.  Add emotion. The more you think about something, the bigger it becomes in your mind and your life. Giving attention to your thoughts and plans leads to enthusiasm, and a belief that it can happen. When your emotions become involved, you start planning, getting excited about the outcome you anticipate. Emotion is a powerful motivator.
  3. Make consistent decisions. Everything you do is a decision. If you play computer games instead of doing the dishes, recognize that it was a DECISION. You chose to do that. Every minute of every day you are making large and small decisions that will lead you toward or away from your dreams. Become aware of your choices. Your Best Life will grow from your best decisions.
  4. Take action. You are only limited by the amount of effort you are willing to expend to reach the prize. The Bible explains that faith without works is dead (James 2:20). You can think and dream about a clean closet, but if you don’t get off the couch and start, well, it ain’t gonna happen! Dreams without action to make them come true are just wishes.
  5. Create consistent habits. Habits are decisions repeated so often that your mind doesn’t have to think them. It just assumes and supports your repeated actions. You don’t have to decide to brush your teeth before bed – you just do it. What started as a decision is now ingrained, automatic. (Think about your decisions and habits that affect your weight and health.)By making consistently good decisions, you create habits that support your dreams and desires.
  6. Develop character. Character is doing what’s right because it’s right. Character makes decisions consistent with your highest goals and aspirations. It replaces selfishness with compassion, laziness with effort, anger with love, and doubt with faith. Character is not genetic, it is not ‘personality’. It is developed. Like building muscle, it takes consistently increasing commitment. 

Character produces your destiny.  You will never rise higher in life than your character and your faith. They combine to produce the best YOU possible. It allows you to manifest your highest dreams and your most lofty ideals

You are one-of-a-kind, created with a unique combination of personality, talents and perseverance.  You were created to bless the world – your world – in a meaningful way.  Begin by thinking about and making decisions based on what matters most.  That will lead you into your best life … your destiny.



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