Trust God – Your Key to Peace & Prosperity

If you believe in a God who controls the big things, you have to believe in a God who controls the little things. It is we, of course, to whom things look ‘big’ or ‘little’. ~ Elizabeth Elliot

What does it mean to trust? Are there people in your life that you can go to for help – no matter what? Or do you hold back, trying to handle situations by yourself?

Are you secretly proud that you can deal with everything, smoothing things out for other people – while keeping your own frustrations and angers buried inside?

Even more important, what’s your trust quotient with God? Do you let Him get involved in your problems, or do you try to handle ‘the small stuff’ yourself – waiting to use your Trust card for the BIG one?

The word, ‘trust’, appears 188 times in the King James Bible. Trust means ‘to rely on, to have confident expectation. It means confidence in the certainty of something. It implies strength and ability. A Trust document assures the parties that certain things are guaranteed. The Bible is our Trust document.

God wants to be involved in every aspect of your life, both big and small. So how do you increase your trust – your firm belief – that God will help you, no matter what?


Meditation is not yoga or some far Eastern practice. It means to think deeply about, to contemplate, muse, ponder and reflect. It means to keep a thought in your mind continually, thinking about it and considering the various aspects of it.

God instructs us to meditate – to mull over, murmur and contemplate – His Word. He told Joshua to ‘meditate day and night’ (Joshua 1:8). The promised result of that meditation was prosperity and success. Of course, Joshua could have decided not to meditate on God’s promises. He could have chosen to throw up his hands and declare his inability to follow God’s plan. He could easily have given in to fear and doubt.

Can you hear him? “I can’t do this! Geez, I’m supposed to take over Moses’ job? I’m not capable of doing that! There’s no way, Lord.”

Those very human reactions are the reason God instructed him to meditate The Word. Joshua would not have found the peace and ability to move forward without first changing his thoughts and attitudes. He had to make God bigger than his problems and challenges.


Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. ~ Prov 3:5

Your mind might doubt or fear, but you can override that by speaking words that affirm your heart. By faith, say out loud, “I trust in You, LORD. You are all I need.” Words are more powerful than thoughts so be careful what you speak. Keep your words consistent with your heart’s desire, not your current circumstances.

Take no thought, saying … ~ Matt. 6:31

There’s an old adage that says ‘birds may fly over your head, but you don’t have to let them nest in your hair.’ Thoughts will come – bad, mean, nasty, defeated thoughts. They fly around you like gnats, hoping to take a bite out of your life. So what do you do when the gnats come? Tell them to ‘go away!” If you speak those negative thoughts, you give them power. Instead, use your words to stop those gnats from becoming mosquitoes … or B52 bombers!


 Cursed is the man that trusts in man, and makes flesh his arm … ~ Jer. 17:5

 Here’s your challenge. Never put pressure on people to meet your needs. No matter what you want or need, take it to God and trust Him to provide. You can ask people for help – but don’t pressure or nag.

 I had to learn this lesson with my husband. My expectations and demands were tearing our relationship apart. Now, I’m not saying that my husband doesn’t help me and do things for me. He does – a lot. But I had to let go of pressuring him, trying to push him into my ‘mold’ for his life.


I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing, therefore choose life. ~ Deut. 30:19

Choose God. Choose to believe His Word above any circumstance in your life. Choose to believe that you are His favored child and He has a good plan for you. Choose to trust Him first, go to Him first with the issues in your life. Choose the blessing and don’t waver.


Blessed is the man that trusts in The LORD, and whose hope the LORD is … For he shall not cease from yielding fruit.  ~ Jer. 17:7-8   The sower soweth The WORD … and brings forth fruit … ~ Mark 4:14.20

The key to fruit, prosperity, blessing, peace and every other promise is trusting in The LORD and His promises. To receive fruit (the fruition of whatever you are hoping for), to have a harvest, you must sow seed – sow the WORD, and trust God.

Your words decide your harvest. If you consistently trust and use the Word as seed, you ‘shall not cease’ from receiving the reward, the fruit of your harvest. The more seed you sow, the greater your harvest. As you meditate and speak His promises, your level of trust will grow … and you will reap more peace, prosperity and blessing! Trust God.



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