A Time to Begin Again

This very moment is a seed from which the flowers of tomorrow’s happiness grow. ~ Margaret Lindsey

If it looks like the end, it’s the beginning. Life is a series of seasons.  In the spring my garden bursts with buds and blooms – daffodils, hyacinths and tulips – where just a few weeks ago there was only what looked like barren earth.  The magnolia buds are ready to ‘pop’, and the weeping cherry and flowering crabs won’t be far behind.  I love spring!  The rebirth of my garden is beautiful to watch.

Easter morning two millennia ago, the world thought that Jesus’ life was ended.  Then the season changed – and He was Risen!   His ‘end’ was really The Beginning.

Seven weeks later, a new Church sprouted in an upper room only fifty (penta) days into the new Season – blooming with love and enthusiasm to tell the world of the wonder of Christ’s new Life … and the possibilities for ours.   

God has given us the gift of seasons.  Not only has He given us four Seasons of rest and growth, every day is a new beginning – a new season.  He has promised that while the earth remains seedtime and harvest … winter and summer … day and night shall not cease. (Gen. 8:22)

As the earth warms, there’s lots of work to do.  It’s seedtime.  The tilling and planting and weeding and ‘garden stuff’ that gets done now will insure a plentiful harvest of beautiful beds and blooms all summer long. I love the feel of rich earth in my hands. I savor  the excitement of a visit to the local garden center to check out the variety of annuals, perennials and shrubs.

I enjoy the planning and the planting, the anticipation of a summer of color and beauty. I will see the results of what I do today – several tomorrows from now when I’m sitting on the deck admiring my garden in summer. 

Every day is the beginning of a new season, and the ‘seeds’ planted today will bloom in their season of harvest.  Seeds of love, compassion, effort, ideas, faith, even good money management will result in a harvest of goodness, plenty and peace.  They have to – seedtime and harvest shall not cease.

The world is going through a season also, a season of harvest from seeds sown through the ages of greed, hatred, anger, frustration, and selfishness.  But … what looks like the end will become a beginning.  God promised it.  And He gave us the seasons so we would always be reminded to have hope: ‘if it looks like the end, it’s really the beginning.’



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