Sonshine – 5 Keys to a Blooming, Joy-filled Life

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. ~ Hans Christian Andersen

The geraniums on my windowsill are blooming brilliant red. It’s a week before Easter, and in this part of the country we are still dealing with chilly nights and the threat of snow or frost.  Most of my garden is still sleeping, but each day the sun gets brighter and shines longer, warming the earth and encouraging growth. 

But … on my windowsill, I have a ‘garden’ of geraniums, hibiscus, amaryllis, ivies, and palms. And the geraniums are blooming! They didn’t do as well as I’d hoped through the winter.  They were green and grew a bit, but there just wasn’t enough sunshine to produce the bright flowers I’d hoped for. Without sunshine nothing grows or blooms.

People are like that, too. We need the Son, Jesus, the bright and morning star (Rev. 22:16) to warm our hearts and encourage our growth. Like that geranium, if I don’t have enough time to sit in the warmth of God’s Word, I won’t produce my harvest of faith, love, joy, peace, patience or the rest of the fruit of the Spirit. I must turn my face toward the Source of Light (in prayer) to receive the blessing of blooming, of becoming what I was born to be. 

Face the Son

Have you noticed that plants lean toward the sun? Every few days I turn the pots on the window sill to keep the plants from growing crooked. Without uniform exposure, they get leggy and tippy, trying to reach the warmth and light that sustain them.  So I turn them, exposing room-side to sun-side, encouraging them to grow straight and full.

That’s true for us, also.  Our exposure to the Son needs to be on every branch and leaf of our lives. Those things we try to withhold or protect from His light [revelation] will become deformed and weak. So I encourage you to turn your face daily to the source of light and growth.  Let Him shine on you so that your blooms of Love can be seen by anyone passing by. 

How to Insure Your Harvest

The Bible says that God is Light. And in Acts 26, we are told to ‘open our eyes and turn from darkness to light, from the power of Satan unto God’. As we do that, we ‘receive forgiveness and an inheritance by faith’ (v. 17-18). That inheritance is our harvest.

Of course, every good gardener knows it takes more than sunshine to bring in a bountiful harvest. So if you want more joy, more peace, overflowing abundance and blessing, become a spiritual gardener.

  1. Read the Manual. Make God’s Word your final authority. Believe that He means what He says. God wrote the grower’s manual on seedtime and harvest. If He said it, you’ve got to believe it – even when it seems contrary to what you can see with your physical senses. He knows what’s good for you, and what’s harmful. That’s why He wrote the manual!
  2. Grow your faith. Plants need good soil as well as sunshine. Those geraniums don’t wonder whether they can bloom. Soil grows whatever is planted in it. You are spiritual soil. Be careful what seeds you plant (think, speak and do). Faith is the loam that grows a harvest of blessing.
  3. Water often. Plants need a consistent supply of water. Drought is lethal. Water your faith daily with the Word, prayer and meditation. The more spiritual water you pour into your consciousness, the greater you will grow. But be careful. Contaminated water can kill your seedlings and destroy your harvest.
  4. Stay rooted in love (Eph. 3:19). Love is like fertilizer, multiplying your harvest of blessings! Faith works by love (Gal. 5:6). Love feeds your spirit with strength and patience while you wait for harvest season.
  5. Keep the weeds out. Unforgiveness, anger, deceit, and other negative emotions steal vital spiritual nutrients. They also sap your physical energy and health. Pull them out quickly, before then become deeply rooted. Several places in the Bible provide lists of noxious weeds (see Eph. 4:31, Col. 3:8, Mark 7:21-22).

Flourish like a Palm Tree

Since tomorrow is Palm Sunday, a brief lesson from the palm tree is apt to our gardening theme.

  • Palms grow straight up, reaching toward the sun.
  • They have s single stem (focus).
  • Palms are desert trees, thriving in dry, barren places.
  • They are deeply rooted, drawing life-sustaining water in the middle of the desert.
  • Each palm tree can produce thousands of blossoms, and a bountiful harvest of dates.
  • Palms are male and female (stamens and pistils on separate trees)
  • Palm trees offer safety (shade) and salvation (water and food).
  • Palms are also a symbol of peace and respite.

The Bible tells us the righteous shall flourish like the palm tree (Ps. 92:12). Become a Master gardener. You will reap the fruit of the spirit and a bountiful harvest of blessing and abundance.



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