Blessing, Faith and Distraction – How to Stay Connected to God’s Plan

You can always find a distraction if you’re looking for one. ~ Tom Kite

My last article – Dealing with Distractions: 8 Tips to Help You Stay Strong in Faith – was by request. One of my readers asked me for help dealing with life’s distractions. Frankly, it was challenging to write because I’ve been, well … distracted.

Year-end records to assemble for the accountant, a kitchen remodel, work, aging parents, household chores, a few extra projects, social life and ‘down time’. Collectively, they can more than fill my days! I’m sure you’ve got the same issues.

It’s easy to get caught up in daily schedules, leaving almost no time for God. Distractions weaken faith by taking your focus away from God’s Word. Unfortunately, they are a sure path to lack, frustration, turmoil and defeat. I know. I’ve been there.

We’ve been talking about BLESSING – the abundant favor of God in every area of your life. But experiencing that favor and abundance is dependent on your level of faith. So, today I’ve got one more tip to help you combat the distractions and stay connected to the BLESSING of God.

The very best way I’ve found to keep my thinking on track and stay in faith is to talk to myself! (Yeah, I know, but it works!)

When I’m with a difficult person, I mentally remind myself that I ‘am rooted and grounded in love’ (Eph. 3:17).

When I’m paying bills, I tell myself that ‘God meets all my need (Phil 4:19), my cup runneth over (Ps. 23:5). I am BLESSED!’

When I’m pushed by negative emotions, I tell myself (and God), ‘NO, I am not going there. I refuse to let him/her push my buttons. I will stay in peace (John 14:27).’

When I don’t feel well, I say out loud, ‘Jesus took my sickness and carried my diseases (I Peter 2:24). God’s healing power is working in my body right now. I am healed and whole and well.’

When I’m pushed for time, I claim, ‘There is time for all things. God is the author of time, so I can do whatever I need to do.’

If something is lost, then it’s ‘There is nothing lost in God’s world; show me where it is, Lord. Thank You.’

Speaking out loud (even if it’s in my head) helps me keep my thoughts focused on divine solutions to my problems and challenges. It puts them in perspective and keeps my focus on faith. Often just the right Bible verse comes to mind – at just the right time.

Practice it. You’ll find it becomes a habit very quickly and helps to keep your thoughts, words and actions in harmony with God’s plan and purpose for your life. The more you stay focused on His Word, the less you’ll be sidetracked by life’s distractions, disasters and frustrations.

Be focused. Be consistent. Be faithful. Be blessed.



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