Dealing with Distraction: 8 Tips to Stay Strong in Faith

What changes your focus, changes your faith. What changes your faith, changes the outcome. ~ Jesse Duplantis

If you have been a Christian for very long, you know that faith is the key to receiving the Blessing of God. Whether you need healing, financial increase, peace, joy or patience, it’s all available in The Blessing that God gave to His family through Abraham.

God also gave you His Word and His process so you can change your physical circumstances through faith. As the saying goes, “if it was easy, everyone would do it”. Faith is simple, but it requires commitment – in both time and energy. And it’s easy to become distracted.

Satan uses a number of ploys to keep you distracted and focused away from faith. If he can’t get you to forget The Word completely, he will cause distractions and frustrations. The Bible calls them the ‘cares of this world’ (Mark 4:19). And there are plenty of them!

Now, here’s a revelation. Not all of them are worries. Often you get distracted by the fun stuff – books, social media, computer games, television, hobbies and all the day-to-day busy-ness that distracts from your faith walk. Pretty soon you discover that the day is over, and you haven’t had time to open your Bible or even think about God’s promises or thank Him for His goodness.

So, how do you combat the all-too-human tendency to let distractions rule your life?

  1. Put God first. Start your day with prayer, when you first wake up, before your feet hit the floor. Thank God for the day ahead and ask Him to guide your thoughts, words and actions. Tell Him how much you need Him and thank Him for the good things in your life. Gratitude is a powerful faith connector.
  2. Pick a verse. Usually, there is one particular verse (or maybe two) that really fits your situation. Write it on a 3×5 card or a piece of paper and keep it close. Whenever you get a minute, read (or say) it out loud to yourself. Focus on that one verse all day long. Don’t try to complicate this. One verse is powerful enough to change your life!
  3. Ask for help. The Holy Spirit lives inside you. Ask Him to bring God’s Word to your remembrance. God wants to be involved in every area of your life, not just the big stuff. Ask for help with your hairdo, your schedule, your commitments. Ask Him to keep you on time, to help you stay loving, to keep you calm. Three powerful words: Jesus, help me!
  4. Get organized. With some advance planning, you can make time for study, prayer and meditation. Schedule it into your calendar like an appointment. Create margin in your life by saying NO to a few things so you have more time for yourself and God. Don’t let the urgent crowd out the important in your day.
  5. Use the Wait. No matter how busy you are, there are moments you can use to refocus your thinking. Whether you’re stopped in traffic, waiting for a meeting, on hold, or walking somewhere, talk to God. Meditate your verse of scripture. Remember, that any time you are thinking about The Word, you are spending time with Jesus. He IS the Word!
  6. Listen. The Bible says that ‘faith comes by hearing’. Your ears are a gateway to your spirit. Hearing is powerful. Download some good Biblical teaching (I recommend to start) and listen during your daily commute, while you’re getting ready for work, on your lunch break, before you go to sleep. Find what works best for you.
  7. Stop the worry. God told us to cast all our cares on Him. Let go of those situations you can’t change and trust them to God. You will probably have to do this a dozen times or more every day because it will keep cropping up in your thinking, but whenever you find yourself caught in a mental trap, remind yourself that God is taking care of that for you.
  8. Take Him to bed. Talk to God during those last few minutes before you fall asleep. Thank Him for His promises and for the good things in your day. Ask Him to help you with your problems. Thank Him for sweet sleep (Prov. 3:24). As you focus on God, your subconscious will stay connected through the night and you’ll find that answers just ‘appear’ because you made time to focus on His wisdom, His Word.

Faith grows. The Bible says it’s like a mustard seed. You are responsible to water it with The Word and fertilize it with prayer and meditation. You also need to keep the weeds of doubt, worry, frustration and distraction from choking your faith.

No farmer spends every waking hour watering and fertilizing his field. But he does give it the attention it needs. Pay attention to your ‘seasons’. Spend more time when you need to strengthen your faith, but don’t neglect it the rest of the time. Learn to refocus your thinking throughout the day, and your faith will grow just like that mustard seed. It will become greater and greater!



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