How to Have Strong Faith, Pt. I – 3 Keys to Understanding Faith’s Power

For whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world: and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith. ~ I John 5:4

Remember when you were a kid, and you wanted something so badly you couldn’t keep from thinking about it? You’d dream and plan and hope, filled with anticipation and yearning. Perhaps you wanted a bike or a certain toy. You knew you couldn’t get it for yourself (it probably cost too much for your allowance!), but you still wanted it. So you continued to hope. You stayed focused on your desire, even though it seemed impossible to achieve. You just couldn’t seem to stop thinking and talking about it! You believed that somehow – even if you didn’t know or understand how – your dream would come true.

Then, one magic day, there it was! Your parents gave it to you. Bright, shiny, and all yours! Remember the joy and excitement? Your dream had become a reality.

Well, God is your spiritual Parent. The Bible calls Him, “Abba, Father”. And He wants to “give you the desires of your heart” (Ps. 37:4). And your dreaming, planning and hoping – your FAITH – works the same way now as it did then. Your unwavering faith connects you to the blessing, wisdom, power and protection of God.

What is Faith? Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Heb. 11:1)

Faith is more than just acknowledging there is a God. Faith is a lifestyle. It is a commitment to trust His Word as your authority. It is the connector between God’s blessings and your physical existence. Its job is to transfer the goodness and abundance of Heaven into your natural realm.

Notice the verse starts with the word ‘Now’. Faith is always present tense. Yesterday’s faith won’t produce tomorrow’s blessing. It has to be kept fresh. It has to be used consistently and continually. Faith turns God’s promises (hope) into reality in your life. He already has (in Heaven) what you want – faith is the power that moves it from into your experience!

Why Does God Want Faith? The just shall live by faith (Hab. 2:4)

Like any parent, God wants to know that you trust Him. Faith is your demonstration of dependence on the Kingdom of God. Faith says to God, “I can’t live without You. I need Your wisdom and power to make it.”  When I was a child, I never had to think about my physical needs. I knew that Mom would fix dinner, that I had a bed to sleep in and clothes in the closet. I trusted that my parents would supply whatever I needed … and I hoped they would give me the things I wanted, as well.  I didn’t beg and plead, I just expected. And – hopefully, I said thank you and told them I loved them! God, as your Spiritual Parent, wants the same.

God wants to know if you are really serious about the thing you seek. Is it just another whim or is it truly the desire of your heart? Have you thought through the ramifications? You might have wanted a car at age 10, but your parents knew it would not be wise to give it to you. Are you prepared (or preparing) to receive the thing you seek? Are you planning or just wishing?  Faith is the umbilical cord that supplies every need on earth, but you have to stay connected.

How does Faith Work?  Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone. (James 2:17).

Faith requires consistent action to support your belief or desire. In other words, thoughts, words and corresponding actions must be in agreement with your faith. You cannot pray for something, and then negate your prayer with negative, unloving comments and thoughts throughout your day. Consistency is the key to success in any endeavor. Patience is Faith’s partner. Once you take a stand of faith, based on a promise in God’s Word, patience will help you remain consistent until you see your desired outcome. But let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing (James 1:4).

Faith can be compared to a football (or any other) game. The other night I watched a team fumble the ball more than once. The quarterback got sacked a couple of times, some of the players were injured, and there were several penalties. But the team never lost sight of the goal – to win the game. They didn’t get depressed and walk off the field. They didn’t quit trying. Instead, after every play they recommitted to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to win the game. Had it gone into overtime, they would have continued playing with total determination.

God’s Word is your playbook. Find those verses that meet your need, and take your stand of faith. Believe that promise until it comes to pass. Feed on it. Study it and meditate on it just like those football players memorize and internalize their game plays.

Faith is your secret weapon against the challenges and disappointments of life. It can help you overcome any circumstance, defeat any negative situation and receive the blessing and abundance God promised in His Word. Even better, Faith can bring you heaven on earth – in your life, relationships, finances and health. After all, he has already told us we are more than conquerors and that He has given us the victory. If you are willing to believe Him and agree with Him, you are unbeatable! That is the power of Faith.



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