My Body – His Temple: What Are You Feeding Your Temple?

Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own. For you were bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body and in  your spirit, which are God’s. ~ I Cor. 6:19-20

Some months ago, Ed and I visited San Xavier Mission near Tucson. Founded in the late 1600s by a Spanish monk, the main edifice was built a century later. Before we arrived, smoke from centuries of candles had blackened the chapel’s interior. Paintings and carvings were almost obscured. An earthquake in 1887 and lightning in 1939 created further damage.

San Xavier is now in the process of an extended restoration. Begun in 1992, volunteers, working with expert restorers, removed old soot and discolored  varnish. Statuary, paintings and native carvings gleam once more. The ravages of age have been repaired. And staff members continue to preserve that new-found beauty and history.

 Is it time to restore your temple?

  • Is your body looking drab and aged?
  • Are you sagging in the middle?
  • Is it time to do away with excess weight and flabby muscles?

Most of us are really good at taking care of the exterior of our temples. Hair color, moisturizers manicures, Botox, and new clothes keep our bodies presentable on the outside. But, what is going on inside?

Are poor food choices making your cells and organs, blood vessels and glands, muscles and skin older than they should be? Are you opening channels for disease?

The Apostle Paul begged his readers to present  your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God (Rom. 12:1). What sacrifice are you willing to make to preserve your temple? Paul told us it is your reasonable service (same verse). In other words, God is not asking you to do something you cannot do. He is, however, telling you that it will require you to make sacrifices – choices – to accomplish that goal.

FROM MY JOURNAL: Last week I did a computer search  on “weight and “healthto see what turned up. I found a quote from Joyce Meyer: My body is the temple of God; I eat no unnecessary food. This reminder worked twice yesterday when I had a Snickers mini in my hand and dropped it back in the candy dish.

So, what are you eating?

How many times a day do you munch on something thoughtlessly, unaware or uncaring that you are adding calories, carbs and fat to your body? Perhaps a handful of potato chips or pretzels, a piece of candy, or a donut! Even TicTac’s and mints are culprits if you eat enough of them.

And watch those “sugar-free‟ enticements. Most are not calorie-free; in fact they can contain a LOT of calories! Read the label.

Every glass of wine or beer, every soda or sweet drink, pours countless calories into your body. And everything you put in has to be used somewhere. 

Crusty bread before a meal at that fancy restaurant; chips and salsa before the burrito arrives at a Mexican café; an appetizer – just because it tastes good, yet you have also ordered a full meal.

Then there’s dessert!

God is not wasteful.

Your body is designed to process whatever it receives, eliminate waste products and store excess energy in the form of fat. He also designed you to make wise choices on the fuel you provide for your temple. If you ignore either the quality or quantity of input, you will reap a harvest of ill-health and excess weight.  

The Word is very clear: you will reap what you sow (Gal. 6:7). And He also said that if you sow bountifully [you] shall reap also bountifully (2 Cor. 9:6). Those calories will multiply in your body!

REVELATION: My body is the temple of God. Being rooted in Him – being God-Inside minded – keeps me from filling my body with what I want. I can make healthy choices because I want to preserve and care for my temple, the earthly residence of God’s Holy Spirit. My love for God should be stronger than my craving for potato chips. I can eat well – healthy – because it is my responsibility to take care of this temple.



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