In Remembrance and Honor: September 11

But Christ came as High Priest of the good things to come, with the greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands, that is, not of this creation. ~ Heb. 9:11

The official number is somewhat less than 3,000, a figure not determined for more than a year (and one subject to change depending on the ‘source’ of your informtion).

The New York Times described it as a “Day of Terror”. If you have ever looked backat the images of that day, they are horrific. People who jumped rather than face the fire. Soot, ash and toxic pollution clouded New York like something out a futuristic ‘doom of the earth’ movie. In our wildest imaginations, we could not have conjured the images that became the reality of September 11, 2001.

Where were you when you first heard … first saw those frightening images on your TV screen? It’s something you will never forget, similar but so much more frightening than the assissination of President Kennedy or Martin Luther King. Even Pearl Harbor did not destroy as many lives as 9/11.

And in the midst of it all, New York firefighters, security personnel and police officers tried valliantly to lead others to safety, even at the certain risk of their own lives. NYFD lost 343, NYPD 23 and the NY Port Authority 37 officers. God bless their families and friends on this weekend of remembrance.

Just 150 minutes … from 7:58 when United Airlines flight 175 departed from Boston’s Logan Airport with 65 people on board, until 10:28 when the North Tower collapsed … turned stunned disbelief into reality and ended forever the comfortable belief of America’s invincibility.

It has been ten years. More than 5000 military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, and uncountable casualties, both mental and physical, among our brave troops – and their families. US Navy Seals gave us our brightest and most tragic events of 2011 in the war on terror: Bin Laden’s death and their downed helicopter just three months later, killing 22 of the famed Seal Team 6.

Here is my challenge to you: FLY A  FLAG. Troops overseas and first responders at home are on duty 24/7 for our benefit. To protect our nation’s lives, property and defend American ideals in the face of terrorism and tragedy. Show your support and patriotism.

SAY THANK YOU to everyone person in uniform that you see: police officers, military, EMTs and firefighters, anyone who is dedicated to our collective good. We tend to forget in our own busy lives the people who are on call … just in case we need them. It’s impossible to give them all the recognition they deserve, but it can start with a handshake and a sincere ‘thank you’.

VOLUNTEER. Dedicated at least one day of your time this year in memory of 9/11. Give of yourself for the good of others – as selflessly as do our troops and emergency responders.

PRAY. For our leaders, our troops, our first responders. September 11 – a decade away, as close as our hearts. Remember. Honor. Give. May it forever be a symbol of our national unity and faith. May God bless and protect our nation, our troops overseas and our world.



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