Feeling Limited? – Break Out! Change Your Belief!

Belief in limitation is the one and only thing that causes limitation. You are subject to a law of boundless and perpetual opportunity, and you can enforce that law in your behalf just as widely as you need. ~ Robert Collier

I’m in the middle of another major project, and I was stumped on how to move forward.  We’ve been given a unusual opportunity – to design and build a site in remembrance of 9/11. Ten years after the attacks, we have a piece from the World Trade Center. We want an appropriate showcase for the remnant – a section of rusty, twisted I-beam. What to do?

Now, I’ve learned from experience that the answers will come (usually about 4 a.m.!) if I am patient and trusting. Sure enough, what I needed just unfolded in my mind until I could ‘see’ the finished project – a site designed for and dedicated to showcase the relic. Twin granite towers, crafted to scale will stand on either side of the I-beam. We’ll create a pentagon-shaped raised platform on a patio designed to hold dedication bricks. Bronze plaques will explain the remnant and the site. It’s going to be awesome!

OK, now I know what … the next question is ‘How the heck are we going to pay for this?” Just a couple days later, I heard a teaching by my mentor, and he said, “If God gives you the idea, the supply has already been provided! You just need to believe.” So, we’ve stepped out, said yes and started construction. And it will be finished before the 10th anniversary memorial service.

If I can do it, so can you. What are you avoiding? What have you been afraid to try? Isn’t it time to step out in faith and move forward?  Progress and blessing require you to step up and commit. After all, what matters most – your fear or the thing you secretly desire?

Be brave. Go after the things you want, the opportunities that come your way.

Be optimistic. The answers will show up once the Universe is convinced you’re serious about tackling the problem or project.

Be blessed. You – and everyone around you – will be able to enjoy the fruits of your success.



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