Are you ready to change your reality?

Remember the song, “Grandpa Got Run Over by a Reindeer”? Well, Ed got run over by an ATV! (Sorry, the song just jumps into my head every time I think about it!)

A friend was in a hurry and took off before Ed was on board. Ouch! It’s easy to moan and groan and complain. Tougher to declare the truth of God’s promise that he is healed. But Truth is the only power strong enough to change his aches into divine health. He wasn’t hurt badly, but we use these non-critical situations to practice our faith. That way, if – when – something serious comes along, we’ll be ready to stand on the Truth and find our victory. (Motrin and prayer – an unbeatable combination!)

If you’ll begin practicing faith, you’ll be surprised by the changes in your life. Believe that things are going to work together for your good. Believe that God is your healer and provider. Believe His Word is true – in all situations. Believe that He has a good plan for you and that you are walking in that plan, step by step. We can’t see the path ahead from where we are, but God can. And He’ll light your way if you’ll let Him.

Now, if you’ll let me brag just a bit, I’ve been featured on Ezine Articles Author Showcase: They tell me they only pick the “best and brightest”! Grin!  … And, one of my books has been nominated for the Global eBook Awards. Life is good.

And here’s a patriotic song that gave me hope. ‘Hope’ it does the same for you:




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