What is Your Reality: Is it Really True? Are You Sure?

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. ~ Albert Einstein

I was working with a client this week, and the wisdom of this week’s series became so obvious. She was depressed, suffering from intense feelings of despair and dejection. “I’m worthless. My family hates me. My life is such a mess.” Just listening to her was depressing!

The solution was to show her the Truth of her existence, based on God’s Word, to show her the value God places on every person, and how critical we all are to this wonderful puzzle called Life.

By the end of our session, she was feeling much better about herself.  From that position of power and positive energy, she was able to make better decisions about her situation.

As we continue our series this week on Reality vs. Truth, think about what you’ve been saying to and about yourself. Is it TRUE? Based on what standard? Your emotions? The thoughts that constantly run around in your head? Or are you firmly rooted and grounded in Truth, based on eternal Laws established by God? You know, if you will line up your thinking with His Word, you will tap into Divine power – enough supernatural power to change any circumstance in  your life.

The Bible says His Word is truth. So if your thoughts and words don’t line up with His Word, they must not be … True. Subjective, yes. Able to influence your circumstances – certainly! But eternally true? Never. You can change your reality by believing and agreeing with Him instead of your feelings.

What matters most? Your ‘feelings’ or the assurance of Divine Truth? Keep yourself positive and expectant this week. God has a good plan for you! Be blessed.



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