Truth vs Reality – Can You Choose What is True for Yourself?

Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold. ~Leo Tolstoy

My friend was boarding a friend’s dog while they were out of town. Sweet puppy, but totally undisciplined. The problem was mostly the two young children in the family. Both of them would call the puppy at the same time. “Come here.” “No, come here.” “Sit.” “No, come.” That poor dog was so confused and frustrated, that she wouldn’t listen to anyone! And she vented her frustration by barking … all the time.

Some of you have probably experienced that same sense of frustration on the job if you have two bosses who want you to focus on different projects, and they both need done immediately. Talk about multi-tasking! The ‘truth’ in that situation, however, is that you don’t really multi-task. You simply mini-focus on each thing for short bursts, flipping your thoughts back and forth between the projects. Until you are really committed to one project or the other, real progress is difficult.

‘Reality’ and Truth can be the same way. Truth is unchanging, eternal. Reality is subjective and temporary. But, you can only change your reality to reflect the abundant life promised in God’s Word by focusing completely on His Truth.

Whatever receives your faith and attention affects your personal reality. Faith vs fear. Love vs anger. Peace vs worry. Your thoughts will not change Truth.  But
Truth can change your reality if you are willing to align yourself with the wisdom of God.

Only you can determine what matters most in your life. Do you want to stay stuck in your present circumstances, or are you ready to choose a new truth for your life?



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