Need Answers? Open the Pipeline of Blessing

Any concern too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be made into a burden. ~Corrie ten Boom
The wisdom, peace, prosperity and blessing you seek is actually inside you. All of it is part of your spirit-being, which is directly connected to Divine Wisdom, God. That connection is what matters most to keep the blessings flowing in your life.

Like water from a fountain, God pours His blessing and abundance into the world continually. But if your pipe is plugged with cares, worries, contention, stress and grief, you’re only receiving a drip instead of a gusher.

Open up your pipeline by maintaining a closer connection with God. Spend time with Him. Study His Word. Trust Him. Use these 7 keys in my prior post to defeat the negatives in your life. (Read the full article for more insight).

1.  Have faith in God.

2. Cast down imaginations.

3. Cast all your care on Him.

4. Fear not, believe only.

5. Meditate the Word day and night.

6. Be strong and of good courage.

7. Speak the Word only.

I know – sometimes (often!) it’s hard to refocus on what you KNOW to do instead of how you ‘feel’. That’s what coaching is for. A compassionate coach can help you change your thinking and bring clarity to your situations. God designed coaches and mentors. Moses for Joshua. Elizabeth for Mary. Jesus for the Apostles – and all of them for us! If you are struggling with issues and not finding the release you seek, consider a coach.

Don’t block God’s blessings for your life. Open your pipeline by fully believing the promises of God. After all, He has a good plan for your life!



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