Personality QuickQuiz: Are You A Whisk or a Spoon?

Imagine for yourself a character, a model personality, whose example you determine to follow, in private as well as public. ~ Epictetus

I just grin. I’ve learned the hard way, it’s the best response. This time it was curtains. Not ours – at the hotel where we were staying. Nice sheer curtains with pretty green falls on either side. He thought they should close to give us some privacy. They didn’t.

“There’s no way to close these! Dumb hotel! I can’t believe they don’t …”

And I grinned. Then I walked over, pulled aside the sheers and drew the privacy curtains behind them into place.

I don’t know why, but all of a sudden, I thought of a whisk – you know, the wire ones in your kitchen that whip eggs or batter. Lots of agitation and air … Here’s where my brain went from there …

My husband is a ‘whisk’ always stirring things up, including himself. The answer to every question is ‘NO’. When something doesn’t function quite right, it’s dire! We probably have to buy a new –whatever it is- immediately. Don’t check the fuse, plug, fuel or batteries. “It’s broke!”  Operator error is never an option. He is a stirrer, trying to incite a reaction from friends, employees, acquaintances. Calm is not in his vocabulary or personality. He torments the pups – all in fun, of course. He’s always moving, intense and ready to jump in the middle of any project or situation. He’s exciting, a bit crazy, and always entertaining. And I love him dearly.

I’m a ‘spatula’. Like icing a cake, I smooth things out, calm people down and get situations to look better to the people involved. I scrape the last bits of sweetness from the bottom of any situation and offer a taste of “it’s better than you think it is” to whomever is involved. When I’m done, things look better, smoother, more positive. I like my environment and situations neat, organized and peaceful. And I like to help people find a sense of peace and direction for their own lives. My favorite word is peace, which only proves God has a sense of humor since He paired me with a whisk!

Our daughter is a ‘spoon’, sort of a blend between a whisk and a spatula. She is always patient, quietly mixing people and events to achieve the desired outcome. She pours a bit of encouragement from her spoon, then adds a dollop of instruction. She makes a wonderful crème Brule – patiently stirring the mix and waiting for it to set in a slow oven. She’s that way with people, always asking, “How do you feel about that?”, then offering quiet advice and edification. She is a gentle stirrer of souls, bringing out the best in everyone she meets. She is focused, knows what to do, and does it. We can’t get along without spoons in our lives, those special friends who always see the best in us, and support us through the rough times.

Then there’s the ‘knife’, sharp-tongued, sarcastic, and quick to criticize. He is always looking for a soft spot to jab – all in the name of fun, of course. He thinks it quite  humorous when his comments hit the mark, and the intended victim has been sliced apart. He torments family, friends and neighbors alike with his self-professed ‘mean and nasty’ attitude. He grumbles constantly at the injustices of life, without realizing that he is part of the problem! Little wonder that one of his hobbies is collecting knives. He loves to dice things up with his sharp wit, and he keeps everyone on edge with his cutting remarks. Although I have to admit he’s mellowed over the years and is now more of a butter knife instead of a cleaver.

Other people I know are ‘graters’ – sharp, whiny, biting. They always have more troubles and bad news than anyone else, and we should all feel sorry for them. By the end of a visit (which, thankfully, are few), I feel shredded and rubbed raw. No one else could possibly be dealing with an many problems as they have … or so they think. Gossipers
often fit this category (unless they’re a knife), enjoying the feeling of smugness as they shred someone else’s life and reputation. Graters are sometimes funny, but they can also be caustic, abrasive and negative. A little bit of them goes a long way.

So – who are you? …  Who would you rather be? … What are you willing to change?



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