LIFE – It’s as Bad (Or Good) As You ‘Think’, Pt. I

You are a living magnet. What you attract in your life is in perfect harmony with your dominant thoughts.  – Brian Tracy 

By now, we’ve been to Chicago – great city! Had a wonderful visit with Jen and Mike. I even stepped out on the SkyDeck 103 stories above the city (more on that in a future article on fear!) meandered Navy Pier, ate tapas at a Spanish bistro and roamed the Shedd Aquarium. We celebrated Mother’s Day and two birthdays. All in five days. It was a great trip. And now – back to work …

I promised that we’d delve deeper into the power of your thoughts and words over the next few weeks. What you think and say is so very important – more than you know. Your words are echoes of your faith – your expected outcome –  in any particular situation. 

And faith is built by repetition. It is my hope that this series of articles will help you build your faith, strengthen your understanding and help you achieve victory over the challenges in your life.

Do you know that your thoughts control your life and not the other way around?

What you think – the thoughts that run around in your head all day long – contribute more to your success or failure than you realize. 

I know, I know – life and pain (whether physical, mental or emotional) can run your brain in circles. BUT – if you’re on this side of the turf, life is still worth living – and God still has a good plan for you. Finding that plan, and the peace that goes with it, requires you to release the stress and negative beliefs.

You need to change your way of thinking. (Watch for Part II!)



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