Go with the Flow of God’s Grace

Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. ~ Voltaire

This week’s blog series did NOT go the way I thought it would. All my ideas of what to write about just disappeared.

Sooo, I just started typing, and words came. Sometimes it works that way. Ya just gotta go with the flow! I pray that this week’s Words of Hope bless you and bring you peace.

This week, Christians celebrate Palm Sunday, the day of Jesus’ triumphant ride into Jerusalem. In less than a week, He will have given Himself up for a sacrifice. His choice and the Father’s. For us. From triumph to tragedy … and back to triumph!

When I think about what He did – for me AND for you! – it is mind-boggling.God so wants us in His family. You are His favorite child! You would have to be since He was willing to sacrifice Jesus for you! And He has blessings in abundance set aside just for you.

All He asks is that you believe Him, and walk in love – all the time. His Spirit lives in you to help with that.

God bless you and give you peace, joy and abundance. Jesus paid for it! So take it – it’s yours.



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