Faith is Your Limit-switch – Turn It Up! Part IV

Faith is spiritualized imagination. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

The just shall live by faith … 

Everything on earth is temporary. The Bible calls it temporal. Nothing about your life is static. However, you can take a pro-active approach to change and growth by implementing these key steps.

1. Change your thoughts. You become what you think about. Create a vivid image in your mind of the one thing, above all else, that you desire. Be specific about what you want the Universe to accomplish for and through you. Focus on it. Write a description of exactly what it looks and feels like – as if it already IS. Use your imagination to see yourself living the life you want. Visit often!

2. Change what you hear. You must learn to speak what you want,  not what you have. Create a positive, present-tense statement that declares the reality of what you want – an affirmation. Read it out loud to yourself at least three times every day.

3. Guard your tongue. Do not allow yourself to slip back into old habits of speaking and thinking. The Bible tells us that ‘a double minded man’ will receive nothing (James 1:4-8). When you find yourself thinking or speaking contrary to your desires, say out loud, “I cancel those thoughts”, then repeat your affirmation to refocus your thinking.

What changes your focus, changes your faith. What changes your faith, changes your outcome.

Change what you believe about your current situation and it will change to conform to your new belief …  if you truly believe. The only limits in your life are actually in your mind.

Move your limit-switch – your level of believing – and you can have anything you can believe!



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