Faith is Your Limit-switch – Turn It Up! Part III

What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. ~ Napoleon Hill

Everything you say and think influences your mind to believe your words. And what you speak generally reinforces what you believe to be true about your situation. So ‘round and ‘round you go!

Nothing changes because you continually reinforce  your current experience with your own thoughts and words.  

Faith comes by hearing …

So what are you hearing?

What are you saying about your circumstances?

“I never get ahead.”

“No matter what happens, I just can’t win.”

“I always get sick this time of year.”

Not only do you say it to yourself, you say it to anyone who will listen!

To change your circumstances, you must first change what you are willing to believe. Again, look to God’s wisdom for the key. “Faith comes by hearing … (Romans 10:17). 

Since ‘faith comes by hearing’, you must change what your mind hears. A steady diet of positive, focused thoughts will eventually create a new belief.

For instance, don’t say, “I always forget everything.” Instead tell yourself “I have the mind of Christ, so I have a good memory.”

Focused reinforcement strengthens your new belief until it overflows into your LIFE.



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