Faith is Your Limit-switch – Turn It Up! Part I

Belief in limitation is the one and only thing that causes limitation. ~ Robert Collier

Do you sometimes feel confined by your circumstances?                 

Are you closed in or limited by situations that seem beyond your control? 

Perhaps the most important lesson you can ever learn is to realize that the boundaries for your life are not outside you. They are set by your own mind and spirit. External circumstances are not holding you back. You are.

 As a man thinks in his heart [spirit], so is he…

Faith is the governing power for all things on the earth. You can only receive to the limit of your belief in what is possible. The key, then, is to change your believer – your spirit and your mind.

Every invention, every convenience, every creation of mankind required someone to first believe that it was possible. Then, they followed through with tenacity to see the dream or idea come to fruition. Doubt is not allowed – only faith. Everything in your world is the result of your faith. 

What are you believing? Look at the words you speak.

“I just get so angry, I can’t control myself.” – That’s what you believe. The truth is, you can control your emotions, words and actions.

“I’ll never get ahead because the economy is so bad.” – That’s what you believe. But there is plenty of money in this world, more than enough for everyone to prosper beyond their wildest dreams. Change what you believe.

 “My mom had diabetes, so I suppose I’ll get it too.” – That’s what you believe. But you can change what you believe … and make changes in your diet and lifestyle to support a different reality.

(Read the next post for Part II – “If you can believe…”)



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