Are you headed in the right direction?

If you don’t like how things are, change it!  You’re not a tree.  ~Jim Rohn

Here we are – another month gone. Is your life going in the direction you want to go?

More and more, I am becoming aware of the power of thoughts and words to govern the outcomes in our lives. 

Sometimes I find myself saying things that I KNOW I don’t believe – but I say them anyway.

Because it’s the way people talk … Because I speak without thinking … Because I want to be part of a conversation … And sometimes – just because! 

Dumb, really. I know better. Then I have to mentally cancel those wrong words (“I didn’t mean it, Lord. I take it back.”) and replace them with what I do want.

More than anything, I want to stay in faith, knowing that God has a good plan for my life. I want to give Him my words of faith, not doubt, unbelief and frustration.

Remember when we were in school? We learned multiplication tables and spelling words by repetition. The more we repeated those lessons, the more we absorbed the information. 

So the more I speak words of faith, the stronger my faith becomes. It’s how the mind works. So this week, I’m going to try to say only positive faith-filled words. No gossip. No bad news. No worry. Want to join me?



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