Finding Your Authentic Self – Conclusion

Belief in limitation is the one and only thing that causes limitation. ~ Robert Collier

Spend some time this week thinking about your future. What do you want to change to more authentically represent your true self?

OK, now decide on one small step you can do to move yourself forward.

Case in point – I’m determined to lose 20 lbs. I was reading the story of Jesus and the fig tree. He told that tree ‘no man eat fruit from you hereafter forever’.  And it worked.

God told us to ‘call those things that be not as though they were’. So – here’s my new mantra: “I eat chocolate no more hereafter forever.”

It’s been working for more than a week – even at the fondue party on Friday night with three pots of chocolate dipping sauces. Of course, I have to reinforce my words by saying ‘no’ when I think about a Snickers bar or a brownie. But the affirmation helps me remember to say no.

Your small change might be physical (drink more water), emotional (release anger) or mental (read a spiritual or self-improvement book daily). Whatever it is, start now. Don’t allow procrastination or indecision to steal your future.



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