Finding Your Authentic Self – Key #3: The Power of Quality Decisions

Choices are the hinges of destiny. ~ Pythagoras

Growth requires commitment. You will never reach your full potential without the ability to make quality decisions.

Who do you need to become to live your dream life?

What decisions are you making to support your vision?

What are you willing to sacrifice?

Be consciously aware that no decision IS a decision.

Do you find yourself involved in projects and activities that don’t truly resonate with you?

Do you say ‘yes’ because you don’t want to seem selfish or disappoint someone?

Do you ‘waste’ too much time on frivolous activities?

Practice the power of NO. Learn to give yourself time before making a commitment. Let peace be your inner umpire. Ask yourself,

“Is this something I really want to do, or am I doing it to avoid a confrontation?

Am I being honest with myself?

Will this activity contribute to my life?”

The ability to say no demonstrates personal confidence and security. It is evidence that you do not feel the need to please everyone else – at your own expense.  

You can also say NO to certain foods, to wasting time on TV or computer games, to other non-productive habits that do not contribute to your higher self image. Decide to do those things now that will benefit your future.



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