Practice What You Preach

OK, I admit it. I forgot to take my own advice. I let everything get to me the other day. I neglected all the wisdom I share daily with clients, friends, co-workers and family.

Actually, I think I enjoyed pouting, feeling sorry for myself and angry at the world. And I justified my feelings with rationalizations. Don’t we find ways to make bad attitudes and actions look better in our own minds? I sure did!

“Everybody wants something from me! I’m tired of always having to …”

“Can’t everyone just leave me alone?”

“I don’t want to do this [whatever ‘this’ was!] anymore!”

Solution? After holding my own personal pity party (for hours, I admit it), I finally began to recognize the selfishness behind my emotions. And God reminded me that He is always present to carry my cares (I Peter 5:7) and strengthen me (Phil. 4:13). Funny, I didn’t remember those verses (affirmations!) until I was willing to change my attitude. Then, those promises helped support my mental turn-around. 

They can do the same for you. BUT, you have to recognize the bad attitudes and purposefully decide to change them. Talk to yourself. Use your affirmations. Focus on someone or something else. Just make the decision to take charge of your emotions. Practice what I preach! It’s the key to victory over bad attitudes.



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