Busy: the New Buzzword –3 Tips to Help You Cope

Either you run the day or the day runs you. ~ Jim Rohn

I’m guessing that some days you wake up and say “Good morning, Lord.” But other days, it’s more like “Good Lord, it’s morning!”

That’s because we seem to suffer from BUSY-ness syndrome. As the saying goes, “So much to do, so little time.” When you ask someone, “How are you doing?” the response is almost always, “I’m sooo BUSY!” Busy is the buzz-word of our modern society.

But … it’s an incorrect perception – one of those things everybody believes that really isn’t true. God has said there is time for all things. (Ecc. 3) Being in a rush is not Biblical. Hurrying is a human concept. Consider the mother’s beatitude: Blessed are the flexible, for they shall never be bent out of shape!

Jesus accomplished everything He needed to do – yet he always had time for interruptions: Jairus, the lepers, the centurion, the woman  with the issue of blood. He never hurried – and He was never late. 

If you’ve heard about the power of positive confession, make this one of yours. “There is time for all things; therefore, I can accomplish anything I need to do.”

Here are some tips to help you handle a too-full schedule.

Don’t let interruptions spoil your joy and peace. This requires an attitude adjustment. You choose your reactions – either stress and frustration or humor and acceptance. Learn to laugh when things aren’t going your way. Find humor in every situation, no matter how challenging.

Take the pressure off! You set your own schedule. You decide – minute by minute – what you will do with your time: spend it, invest it, or waste it. And it’s easy to waste it! Television and computer games are the biggest culprits. How much could you accomplish if you gave up just one TV show or a bit of computer time? I used to tell my daughter, when she wanted to buy something, “If you spend it here, you won’t have it to spend elsewhere.” That is true of your time as well as your money.

Just say NO! It’s a simple word that we don’t use enough. We agree to do anything anyone asks of us because we don’t want to disappoint someone or appear selfish.  Then we feel frustrated and stressed. That doesn’t even make good sense!

And here’s a tidbit I struggled with for a long time – you don’t need an excuse to say no! The person asking does not need an explanation of why you can’t. Your reasons are your own. Just say “No. I don’t believe I can do that right now.” and leave it at that.

Life has a way of interrupting your plans for any given day. Crises, big and small, try to distract you from your goals. By being pro-active, changing your responses (use self-talk!) and allowing yourself to say ‘no’ to others’ pet projects, you will find the joy and peace God planned for you. Then, when someone asks, you’ll be able to say “I’m so blessed!”



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