Leave Life Better Than You Find It

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. ~Anne Frank

I loved Girl Scouting: crafts, camping, cook-outs. There was always something more to try, something new to conquer. 

One of the lessons I learned as a Junior Girl Scout was “leave it better than you found it”. That applied to our campsite, meeting place, or anywhere we were. Our troop picked up trash, straightened supplies on shelves and cleaned the mess hall.   

That simple philosophy leads me to return grocery carts to the store, pick up trash in ladies’ restrooms and re-hang fallen clothes on shop racks. I often pick up bits of trash along the sidewalk and pull errant weeds in public garden beds. I also take a quick minute to make the bed, wipe off the kitchen counter, or empty a waste basket.

Quick and simple!

Making things better, prettier and neater has become a life-long habit.

I also discovered that I can apply the concept to people. I want them to feel better than they did when I ‘found’ them. You can do that, too.

Give a quick smile, a soft hello or a listening ear to those you meet throughout the day. Share a hug or a gentle touch on the shoulder to convey compassion and empathy.

Practice these small tokens of acceptance and encouragement with everyone, not just people you know.

Inevitably, as I share these small gifts with others, I also improve myself. I am becoming what I aspire to be, truly rooted and grounded in love, knowing that love is humble, not easily aggravated or short-tempered. 

Improving the world doesn’t necessarily mean a great invention or mega-idea. It’s the small daily tasks, done well, that make a difference. It is connecting with others and sharing yourself that blesses you both. 

Don’t wait another moment … make every part of your day – and your life – better. Find and do the small things that make a difference. Based on the Law of Sowing and Reaping, you will get more than you give and reap more than you sow, simply by leaving everything “better than you found it”.



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