Life’s Best Kept Secret …

If you see someone without a smile,  give him one of yours. ~ Old Proverb

Do you ever practice smiling, especially when things are going wrong in your life?  It’s something I learned a long time ago, but have to remind myself to do. Especially when I don’t feel like it.  It’s an instant attitude adjuster.

Nothing communicates better than a smile. It lights up your face and eyes, and tells your audience (even if it’s your father-in-law!) that you are pleased and happy to be with them. Your smile makes people more open to your message. 

 A smile will open doors, so to speak, that a frown or a bland, non-expressive face will not. People like people who smile– so “they’ll like you, they’ll really like you!” 

People like to spend time with– and do business with– those who make them feel good. That’s the advantage of a smile. Here’s a quick personal story to illustrate.

My mother was the quietest, shyest person I have ever known. One day, I discovered in her 1946 year book that she was voted “The Friendliest” person in her class. I was shocked! She never said ‘boo’ to anyone! Book in hand, I asked her how that was possible.

 She told me that when she went to the “big school” (from a one-room school house), she was terrified. She was afraid to say anything to anyone, but she quickly learned that she didn’t have to speak … if she just smiled at everyone in the hallways.

They perceived her as friendly – even though she never said a word!  That’s the power of non-verbal communication. 

So, until the next time, turn your frown upside down! And smile, smile, smile!



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