The Ultimate “Planned Parenthood”

…in His love, He chose us [you!], actually picked us [you!] out for Himself as His own in Christ Jesus before the foundation of the world … (Eph. 1:4)

Now, don’t stop reading just because you aren’t a parent! There is truth here for everyone! Even if you are not a parent, you are somebody’s child. That is the only way you got into this world.

Planned – thought about beforehand, anticipated, made arrangements for; chosen as an act of will

Parenthood – the act of being a parent; the commitment to raising children; the dedicated acceptance of the role of parent: to love, guide, discipline and teach as the child needs; the authority and responsibility of parenthood

Being a parent is a commitment, not an accident. It’s long term – a position that cannot be eliminated by divorce, separation or a bad day! No matter what happens, a parent is a parent.

And it works both ways. Just as a parent accepts the child, a child receives a parent, regardless of whim or luck-of-the-draw. Some kids get lousy parents; some parents get lousy kids, but the position doesn’t change. The connection is forever. That is why it is imperative to consider the awesome responsibility that comes with the role of Father or Mother before deciding to have children. Parenthood is lifetime long.

God is our ultimate example of “planned parenthood”

…He foreordained us, destined us, planned in His love for us to be adopted (revealed) as His own children through Jesus Christ … because it pleased Him and was His kind intent (Eph. 1:5 AMP)

God accepted the role of Parent before you were ever born. He ‘planned’ for you and has a good plan for your life (Jer. 29:11). The Bible says we will call him “Abba, Father” (Rom. 8:15), because we are His kids. Jesus is our big brother. (That means you should no longer think of yourself as an only child!)

God has no grandchildren, stepchildren or half-children. We are fully His and He is fully ours. And like any good parent, He has lots of good things ready for us. If you don’t believe it, read the first chapter of Ephesians. We get …

… blessed with every spiritual blessing (v. 3)

… grace (unmerited favor) and spiritual peace (v. 2)

… redemption (deliverance and salvation) … forgiveness … [and] His gracious favor (v. 7)

… every kind of wisdom and understanding (practical insight and prudence). (v.8)

… an inheritance (v. 14)

The Bible is full of promises for God’s kids. Promises of blessing and abundance, peace and protection, joy, love, wisdom and grace. However, we have to ‘grow up’ to get them.

Did you get your driver’s license at seven? Why not? Obviously, you were not ready mentally or emotionally to handle the responsibility. Your dad would not have been a good father if he had given you a car before you were prepared to handle it. The danger to yourself and others was too great.

In the same way, every blessing comes with a requirement. You cannot get to fourth grade without passing third. Pay attention to the IF’s in the Bible. They are the secret to receiving Your Father’s promises. IF you will meditate on my word …; IF you are willing and obedient …; IF you sow …IF you do the dishes; IF you mow the yard – see what I mean?  

No matter what, God accepted responsibility to be a good parent, to ‘raise’ you into adulthood spiritually, not just physically and mentally. Be grateful. Honor thy Father for all that He does and continues to do for you. Listen to His wisdom. Heed His advice. He is only trying to protect you and bless you. After all, You are His favorite child.



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