Monday Musings: Coping with Job Stress & Uncertainty

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” ~  Viktor Frankl

Our Brunch Bunch group got together last week. We are friends, both new and old, who get together once a month for a meal and time of sharing. As few as two, as many as ten – a diverse group of moms and grandmas, divorced and married, working and not.

 As we talk, they often bring their current problems and challenges to the group for input and advice. Since it’s what I do best, I leave knowing I helped, and they leave feeling better about their situations. Win – win.

One topic of discussion this week was a tenuous job situation. “The Board” was making decisions that negatively affected a great many clients (grumble, complain, moan) and staff (moan, complain, grumble). Yet there really is no way to undo what has already been decided and implemented.

 Did the Board consider all the ramifications of their decisions? Maybe not. Decisions are often subjective, and depend on conditions that both clients and staff may not be aware of.

 Did they ask for enough input from those who would be most affected? Again, probably not.

 Do they have to live with the situation anyway? Yep.

 Sometimes, we get shaken up to move us out of a comfort zone, because God has more for us than we are willing to look for.

 Sometimes ‘stuff’ just happens that we can’t control. Either way, you must grow past the circumstances.

The biggest ‘take-away’ here is that she – and you – are not defined by your JOB. You are more than the work you do each day. You are God’s favorite child … and He still has a good plan for your life! No matter what …



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