Old Habits – Are Your Attitudes on Auto-pilot?

“All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct results of his own thoughts.” ~ James Allen

My dad used to tell me that when I was a child, I called myself “a poor widdle indiwidual”. Of course, I must have heard that phrase. It’s not something a child would think of by herself. But … looking back, I can see that I spent a great deal of time feeling sorry for myself. Life was miserable, particularly in my teens. 

It wasn’t until years later that I learned I had done it to myself … created my own reality with old habits of thoughts and words. I had internalized the ‘poor little individual’ mentality. I acted out that part in many ways: blaming ‘the world’, circumstances, my family and my inabilities. Even though I quit saying the words, the attitude and expectancy remained in my subconscious. I dealt with self-esteem and financial issues for years without truly realizing the true source of my struggles: old habits of wrong thinking. 

Improving your attitude – and your life – requires you to improve your self-talk. You know, that conversation you have with yourself all day long.  “I’m such a klutz.”  Or “I knew I couldn’t do that.”  Or “I hate my life!” 

Your subconscious cannot determine truth for itself. What YOU tell IT becomes your reality, your truth. I had convinced myself – because it was cute as a kid to say so – that I really was a ‘poor little individual’. Poor: plagued by financial problems. Little: unimportant, without self-esteem or value. Individual: alone, lonely and afraid.

Then, I found the key to victory. The power of words can create a new reality. If you struggle with long-term issues and negative attitudes, here is my advice to you.


Put the Law of Attraction to work for you. Draw goodness into your life by expecting good to come. Dispense goodness at every opportunity.

Forget past trials, mistakes, and wrongs done to you.

Focus forward.

Each new day is a blessing – an opportunity to create yourself and your life anew … with your words!

Now, don’t misunderstand. It is important to realize that WHO you truly are is a gift of Spirit. God blessed you with your own unique personality, talents, abilities, and attributes. They were given to you for a purpose – to bless the world around you.

As you read this, make a decision to change – to go through the process of self-improvement. Your goal is to become all that God created you to be. Get rid of old thought processes and habits that interfere or block your innate goodness.

Make this the best day of your life. Maybe you can’t control the people and events of your day. BUT, you are completely in charge of your attitude. Your daily ‘self talk’ will be either negative or positive. The choice is yours.

Don’t expect, however, that everyone else will applaud your efforts. Although others share your life, the prospect of change is often too daunting for them to accept.

So, be strong for yourself. Set an example. Improve your thoughts, self-talk, actions and attitudes. Your growth, your new “good life”, can then become the catalyst for others.  Become the leader you were intended to be!



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