Seasons and Emotions: Inspiration from My Window

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray … 

It frosted last night. 
Cold … crisp … sparkling in the morning light.
But the bold, beautiful salvias, marigolds and begonias are withered and brown.

Leaves fall more rapidly from the trees – golden aspen, rich red maple, burnished oak.
It’s another sign that winter’s blanket will soon cover everything with its cold silence.

Although my mind tells me it’s unavoidable, my soul seems to freeze as well and my muscles clench against the cold.    

Relationships have seasons that mirror Mother Nature. We love summer’s warmth when we feel the love of  a friend or family member … when we just know that our spouse loves and appreciates us, when our children call just to say hello.

Meeting someone new is like spring – full of bright new shoots of friendship, laughter, companionship, and love.

Then there’s fall – when we’re trying to absorb the last warmth from a parent or older friend whom we know will leave us soon.

But winter – that chilly, frozen feeling that settles around our hearts when communication fails … when warm hugs have been replaced with cool response … when feelings of aloneness are stronger than feelings of togetherness … when conversation has frozen under an emotional winter blanket of neglect. It seems like it’s been raining for months and sunshine has been scarce. 

Somehow, our emotions get drowned in the deluge of life … all the things that happen day-by-day that overwhelm our ability to cope. We feel ‘chilly’ inside – not quite connecting with those around us. No sunshine, no warmth.

When it happens, my mind recognizes that it’s within me – not external. But that doesn’t help my heart’s reaction to the chill. I need summer to return to my heart.

Then I remember:  Jesus,You are the Son-shine. God, You are our unchanging Father of Love. Your love blesses me with eternal warmth – like being on a Caribbean island where there is no winter. Sparkling sandy beaches (You told Abraham to count grains of sand not snowflakes! … graceful palms (the people spread palm branches before You to show their love).

Spending time with You restores the sonshine in our hearts, warming our emotions … thoughts … words … and actions.

It’s wonderful to always find Your Sonshine and warmth … bright, beautiful blossoms of Love to fill our minds and hearts.

Eternal Summer. Eternal Love. Eternal You.



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