Got Dreams? P.U.S.H. Them to Reality: 4 Steps to Overcome Doubt and Achieve Success

Have ever wanted to do something … something really important … something that’s been a dream (or a wish) for a long time? Something that potentially blesses the world … or just your world of influence. Something powerful and intimidating.

But your mind keeps telling you it’s impossible … you can’t do it. You’re not smart enough, capable enough, educated enough. You’re too young, or too old. You don’t have enough money, time, or talent.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you CAN do it. Napoleon Hill said it best, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” You have already conceived. You have a dream. The problem is in the middle – the ‘believe’ part. Because if you don’t truly, fully believe, you won’t push to achieve. And every great accomplishment requires PUSH. You have to determine in your heart that you will succeed – no matter what!

Thomas Edison tried more than 10,000 experiments before he ‘discovered’ the light bulb. Walt Disney failed miserably – several times – before he ‘found’ world-wide success with a little mouse. George Washington erred greatly in the Indian campaigns before he led the troops of the Revolutionary Army to victory and freedom. Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Getty, Gates – all faced and overcame immense obstacles to achieve the dream, the vision in their hearts.

These four simple keys will help you stay focused and move your dream to reality.

PRAY – Ask for wisdom, insight, ideas, concepts, direction and action steps. The universe is waiting for you. You have the solution to someone else’s problem. Divine guidance will lead you but you must ask and believe. ‘P’ also stands for Patience. No one ever became an ‘overnight success’. Stay patient, but keep moving.

USE the resources around you. Dreams come with a price: personal growth. Read books and online material. Find a mentor or mastermind group. Get involved with someone who is where you want to be. Step outside your comfort zone. To become a leader, you must first be led.

STAY focused on your dream, not your doubts. Fill your mind so full of possibilities that you don’t give in to discouragement. Create a dream board with pictures of your desires. Write an affirmation, “I am a successful _____.” Words are powerful. Speak about your dream as if it is already reality. Your subconscious mind will work to create what you speak.

HELP someone else. You know the concept: give, and it shall be given unto you. You reap what you sow. What seems backward to the world is the way dreams are born. By giving away your beginnings, using what you learn to bless others, you will reap a harvest of immeasurable good.”H” also stands for HUSH. Don’t give voice to discouragement, disaster or disappointment. Complaints never produce Blessings.

Your dream is waiting for you. Keep in mind that “U” also stands for Unique. No one else in the whole world can create your dream – or share your story – in the same way that you can. In this game called Life, what matters most is not giving in to defeat. You are your own Umpire. Success is Unavoidable if you just keep playing. Don’t call an ‘out’ until you win.



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