Attitude: It’s All In How You Think …

Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us. – Earl Nightingale

The car needed some TLC. Tune-up, spark plugs, radiator flush. All together, it was almost $500. It wasn’t our car, it belonged to a family member. But he was stewing about the cost. Unnecessarily, because he can certainly afford it! I advised him to be grateful, instead. It’s been a good car for a lot of years (it’s a 1994 Caddy). At his age, he doesn’t drive much, and it hasn’t really cost him very much. Now it will run better – without fear of being stranded somewhere. There’s no sense being upset when he can turn it around and be thankful.

In my own life, obligations are piling up in droves! Family members need help; job is demanding. Civic commitments are numerous and I’m trying to find time and focus for my new venture. I can either stress out about the pressure … or I can be grateful. I have the time, wisdom and resources to be a blessing: to our family, business, community and – hopefully – you. There’s no sense being under pressure when I can turn it around and be thankful.

My husband’s father is upset with himself because of his health. He smoked for 60 years and is now reaping the results of his actions. So, in addition to his health problems, he is adding guilt, anger and depression to the mix. I have said to him, “Be grateful you are still able to be as active as you are. At 84, you have outlived my father by 30 years, and my mother by 10. You’re still here – able to enjoy sunshine, the birds outside your window, breakfast at IHOP.” There’s no sense being stressed out when he can turn it around and be thankful.

You see, God never designed us to be stressed out, angry, miserable. He told us to ‘cast all our cares on Him because He cares for us’. And he told us that gratitude and praise are the keys to turning any situation around. We can think and talk negatively – sowing those seeds will just reap more of the same. OR, we can think and talk positively, reaping joy, peace and a better attitude … which will begin to turn our circumstances around.

So – grab hold of a great attitude today! Find the ‘strawberry’ – the good – in every situation. And see if your day doesn’t turn out better than  you thought it would. Attitude affects action. Action affects outcome. Have a great day!



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