Faithful or Fearful: Whose Side Are You On?

“When you are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, Faith is knowing that one of two things will happen; there will be something solid to stand on or you will immediately learn to fly.” – Unknown Author  

As hard as I try, I can’t seem to BE in two places at once. Have you noticed that? You can’t be on vacation and in your office at the same time.  (My husband and I joke about inventing a cloning machine so we can leave our clones at work while we stay at the beach!) 

It’s equally true that I can’t DO two things at once, either. 

“Now, wait a minute,” you say. “I’m famous for multi-tasking.” 

Well … not really. You can certainly have more than one project ‘on your mind’, but if you pay close attention to yourself, you are really only doing multiple tasks sequentially. 

If I’m trying to listen to an MP3 teaching and playing computer games, my brain flips back and forth: sometimes catching the information, sometimes playing the game. As a result, I might eventually win a game a solitaire, but I certainly didn’t comprehend most of the teaching. 

The same rule applies to emotions. You cannot be happy AND sad, angry AND loving, grateful AND selfish. One emotion cancels the other out. They can happen sequentially, but they don’t happen at the same time. 

Why is that knowledge important to you? 

Because it gives you power. 

You see, you can control which emotion to focus on, just like you choose which task to work on or which place to be. That’s right, you CHOOSE. Anger cancels love; happy eliminates sad. 

Take it a step further. Are you fearful or faithful? Stop and think about it for a minute before you answer. Many of us believe we are in faith, but then we spend great quantities of time worrying about the details of our lives or the lives of others. Every moment of worry is time spent in fear, not faith.

There’s an old expression about ‘sitting on the fence’. Basically, it means you are not making any progress because you will not pick a side. So there you sit … caught in the middle. Your faith doesn’t work because you keep short-circuiting it with your fear. Prayer becomes ineffective; results don’t materialize. 

To receive the full benefit and blessing of Faith, you must stay on that side of the fence. Faith and fear do not mix. They are like oil and water. They cannot occupy the same space at the same time. So, hang on to your faith. Believe in the outcomes you desire. Stay in Faith and don’t let fear, doubt or worry steal your blessing. You choose…



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