Change Your Self Image: Four Tips to a New Attitude

“Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.” ~ Earl Nightingale 

Recognize your worth, talents and possibilities. Release your faith into the Universe with positive self-talk and corresponding action. 

Here are four easy ways to help you change your ‘self’ image. 

  • Become conscious of your internal conversations. Stop negative thoughts with positive words. Tell yourself that you are a good person, capable, loving, talented, wealthy, and worthy.
  •  Celebrate your progress. You may not be where you want to be, but you can be grateful that you’re not where you used to be! Acknowledge the small victories and blessings in your life. 
  • Forget your weaknesses. (Not really, just don’t focus on them!) Every human being is a combination of strengths and weaknesses. That’s God’s way of giving each of us a place in the puzzle called LIFE.  
  • Focus your energies on improving your strengths. Become the best at what you’re good at. Let someone else be the best–for you–at what you’re not. That way, you both win!

 Maybe you can’t control the people and events of your day.  BUT, you are completely in charge of your attitude. Your daily ‘self talk’ will be either negative or positive. The choice is yours. Stay focused on maintaining a positive attitude about your circumstances AND yourself!  Make every day the best day of your life.



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