You Are Greater Than You “Think”

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind. ~ William James

Do you ‘believe’ you are worthy of blessings?

Or do you think, “I’m not good enough for _____”?

Do you ‘say’ to yourself, “I can’t do that … have that … be that”?

Can you see that every limiting thing in your life actually began with your own thoughts and words?

You see, your self-image creates your personal reality. It determines your friends, your lifestyle and your environment. Your attitude is based on your perceptions of yourself and your world …whether those perceptions are truthful or distorted.

Everything starts with your beliefs about yourself and your world. The Bible tells us “as a (wo)man thinks in her heart, so is she”. Words are your strongest power, weapon and protection. They can also be your downfall. And YOU are in total control.

You are greater than you believe: more capable, more talented, and more worthy. Begin to believe that about yourself.

Watch out for old habits and false thought patterns. They will drag you back into old, familiar ways of thinking. To boost your self-image and your circumstances, improve your self-talk. You know–that conversation that runs through your mind all day long.

  “I’m such a klutz.” 

  “I knew I couldn’t do it.” 

  “I hate my life!” 


 The beliefs you have accepted through the years have become your personal perception of truth, regardless of whether those perceptions are accurate or not.Use affirmations (positive statements about yourself and your life) to re-program your mind and attitude. God is waiting for you to realize that you are His child. He wants you to receive all the blessing and abundance of heaven – right here on earth. And He told you to do it by “calling those things that be not as though they were”. 

 Start speaking what you want, not what you have or believe you can’t have. Your subconscious mind cannot choose reality for itself. What YOU tell it becomes your reality. Claim your greatness!



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