6 Tips for Goal Setting Success

Success requires progress, fulfillment or attainment. Goals can make your dreams believable by creating actionable steps.  Belief creates faith, and faith is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.  To achieve success, believe that you can achieve it, then develop a goal list to help you move toward your desired outcome.

To develop your own life-goals, try these steps:

  • Dream first.  What do you want to accomplish? What kind of life do you imagine for yourself?  Whatever your mind conceives, write it down.  Make your list long and detailed.
  • Sort it out.  Pick out 9 or 10 ideas that are do-able and specific. Create a time limit for each one.
  • Pick three that you can focus on immediately.  Set mini-goals for each one.  What can you do TODAY to lead you toward the results you desire. 
  • Visualize.  Your imagination is powerful.  See yourself with the results you want as you work toward each larger goal.  Savor in your mind the accomplishment you seek.  Give it life through your imagination.  How does it feel, look, sound, taste? 
  • Celebrate!  Take time to savor your victories and accomplishments.  Give yourself small rewards along the way.
  • Repeat.  Periodically review your lists, both the master dream  list and your intermediate list.  Have your goals and ideals changed?  Then adjust your ‘do it now’ list accordingly.  If you’re always working on something, you’ll eventually see your dreams come true!

 Challenges will come. That’s life. When they do, re-focus your thoughts immediately on your desired outcome, not on the temporary set-backs. Go back to your vision, reinforce it with your imagination, step out in faith and re-set your goals. 

Focused goals are the key to a lifetime of success. Life is too short to waste time just dreaming. Set yourself up to win with a plan. You’ll soon grow into your dream through the goals you accomplish. Just do it!



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