Clean House Emotionally: Refurbish Your Thoughts & Words

The limitations you have,  and the negative things that you internalize are given to you by the world.

The things that empower you  – the possibilities – come from within.  ~ Les Brown

Have you noticed your self-esteem getting dusty? Is your thought closet crammed full of negative, depressing  junk? Is the spice rack of your life outdated and bland? Then it’s time to clean your mental house!

How you think and feel about yourself creates your own personal reality. It determines your friends, your lifestyle and your environment. Your ATTITUDE is powerful enough to draw or repel goodness and blessing.

Everything starts with a thought. Thoughts and words are your strongest power, weapon and protection. And YOU are in total control.

Here’s my C.L.E.A.N. House recipe for your soul.

1.  Choose better. You’ve heard that good is the enemy of great. It’s true. Begin making conscious decisions to use your time, talents, words, influences, and energies to choose the best for yourself. Ask yourself, “Is this the best use of my time? Does this help me fulfill my purpose? Is what I am doing now truly how I want use, spend or invest my time?

2.   Learn something new every day. Your mind – like your body and spirit – needs to be fed every day. We’re very good at finding meals and snacks for our tummies. Do the same for  your mind and spirit. Not mindless TV and novels, either. Stock your mental shelves with a good, healthy variety of uplifting and educational materials. Have 3-5 servings daily. 

3.   Elevate your thoughts. Avoid negative influences and stop the endless mind-chatter. You CAN change the way you think. Use self-talk (affirmations) to clean out the dust-bunnies        cobwebs of fear, doubt and limitation. Open your mental windows and let in the fresh air of positive possibilities.

4.   Accept yourself – your strengths, weaknesses, ambitions and fears. Self-acceptance is vital to your self-esteem. Ask yourself, “What do I enjoy doing that brings the greatest blessing to others?” THAT is your purpose. Let peace rule your decisions and actions. If you’re not peaceful inside, it’s not right.

 While you’re at it, find a mental disposal for your weaknesses. Out of sight, out of mind, so to speak. We are each a combination of strengths and weaknesses. Stop focusing on those things you don’t do particularly well (or becoming frustrated because you can’t). Instead, become the BEST at what you do well. Let someone else be the best – for you – at what you’re not. That way, you both win!

 5.    Never miss an opportunity to express gratitude. Gratitude is your mind-maid. It cleans out the negatives and replaces them with an awareness of Blessing.  An attitude of gratitude is your blessing connector. It activates the Law of Attraction. By recognizing and acknowledging the blessings in your life – no matter how small – you draw more blessings to you.

So … pick a cleaning project! Begin now to change your focus, your attitude, your life. Make the coming year your best year ever.



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