Gotta Love “Clean House”

I love the show, “Clean House”. In just a few days, a team of hard-working experts cleans and redecorates a house … and rejuvenates a family. They clear out the clutter, saving items that hold the most meaning for family members. By the end of the show, the home owners have a clean house … plus a new outlook and a plan for (hopefully) life-long change.

While it might make good entertainment, the concept is old. It’s the reason for New Year’s resolutions, goal planning seminars and spring cleaning. Clutter accumulates to fill the space allowed whether that space is in your attic, garage, the dining room table or in your mind. And as Niecy Nash often points out, external clutter is a sign of internal conflict.

Do you have recurring thoughts that sabotage your sense of self-worth? Do you tell yourself that you can’t, don’t have, and aren’t good enough? If so, it’s time to ‘clean house’.
Now, this gets a bit complicated, especially for us gals. Our sense of pride, peace and self are tied up with where we live. If the living room is in a constant state of chaos, the kitchen sink is always full of dirty dishes, and the dining room table is buried in an accumulation of stuff, it’s tough feeling good about yourself. For some reason, women, we’ve been programmed as care-givers and our perceived inability to keep up with the day-to-day upkeep brings us down. (Maybe that’s why it’s called upkeep?)

It would be great if someone would just show up and fix everything, but it’s probably not gonna happen. We are each responsible for our own environment, spiritually, mentally and physically. So where should you start?

First ask yourself, Is this really who I want to be? Everything in life is the result of decisions. The tricky part is that NOT making a decision IS a decision. Before you can have a CLEAN HOUSE – or any other change you want – you have to decide that you’re going do what’s necessary for change. Are you ready?



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